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4 Ways to Have Egyptian Mangoes This Summer

August 8, 2023
Photo credit: Xhinua
Photo credit: Xhinua

Aside from the scorching sun and unbearable heat, there are a list of things Egyptians anticipate every summer. Mangoes top that list, to the extent that many call summer “mango season”. With over fifteen types of mangoes in Egypt, mangoes are a staple in every Egyptian household in summer.

Although most mango lovers usually like to indulge in eating it with their hands — often covering their entire faces with mangoes — others like to experiment with different ways to eat, drink, or simply enjoy the delectable fruit.

Here are four different ways to enjoy mangoes this summer.

Traditional Plain Mangoes

For those who like to really wallow in the flavorful fruit, eating mangoes the traditional way sounds like a lot of fun. Delicious and messy, mangoes can be eaten by slicing them in half or ripping the skin using your teeth, and enjoying all the flavor directly in your mouth.

Frozen Delicacy

In this heat, having an iced treat for dessert can be the highlight of your day. With a few ice cubes or an ice tray and ripe mango, you can easily make mango popsicles or sorbet. Both children and adults will love it.

Here is a recipe for mango popsicles, and one for mango sorbet.

Photo credit: Spoonful of Flavor

Salad Treat

Although it is not very common to have fruits in salads in Egypt, there is no harm in experimenting with new recipes every now and then, especially if they’re tasty and nutritious. Quick and easy to prepare, mango salads can be eaten on their own or as meal appetizers.

Here is the recipe.

Chilly Juice or Smoothie

Mango juice has always been a staple in the summer. Whether on its own or with some milk or yogurt as a smoothie, this refreshing beverage is quick and easy to prepare, and will satisfy your cravings. This sweet and creamy mango drink will be your ultimate go-to all summer.

Here is the recipe for the juice, and another for the smoothie.

Photo credit: Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen

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