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WHO Egypt Launches Campaign to Prioritize Mental Health

August 9, 2023
Photo credit: WHO Egypt
Photo credit: WHO Egypt

In an effort to promote the importance of mental health among Egyptians, the World Health Organization (WHO) Egypt and Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHAP) launched a campaign to prioritize mental health in our daily lives, on Sunday 6 August.

Under the slogan ‘seha manseya’ (forgotten health) and starring Egyptian artist Amr Wahba, the video explains that Egyptians often overlook their mental health status and turn to unhealthy outlets such as overeating, overworking, and sleeping to feel better. The video then highlights that, if someone is struggling with their mental health, they must instead visit a mental health professional or therapist.


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“Although there is more awareness surrounding mental health today, it remains the last priority in our list of priorities, coming after our jobs, friends, and families, until it becomes forgotten,” reads the caption accompanying the video.

With a creative script and a clever idea, the video spread across multiple social media channels, garnering nearly 50,000 views on Instagram.

The video was followed by an educational post about anxiety attacks and how they can negatively impact one’s life.

As part of the 100 Health Days initiative, Egyptians and foreigners residing in Egypt can have free consultations with therapists. They can also visit Egypt’s first digital mental health platform where they can book sessions with mental health professionals.

In an emergency, please contact Egypt’s hotline for mental health support at the following number: 16328.

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