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Is Abu Dhabi on Your Travel Bucket List? Here are 6 Places to Visit

September 14, 2023
The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel Photo credit: Hotelier
The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel
Photo credit: Hotelier

Traveling is a popular pastime for many Egyptians, especially when the trip includes activities for the entire family. A destination that is less than a four-hour flight away from Cairo, Abu Dhabi should be on your next travel plan.

With hotels that cater to a wide range of budgets and expectations, world-class dining, and an array of thrilling activities for children and adults, the capital of the UAE makes for a wonderful vacation. Whether you want to unwind and relax by the beaches on Yas Island and Saadiyat Island, experience culture and history at Louvre Abu Dhabi, or enjoy endless fun rides at the city’s indoor theme parks, the modern cosmopolitan city has something for everyone.

As the city’s tourism campaign slogan is “One summer isn’t enough”, Egyptian Streets visited to see what the campaign is about. The recent trip shows that one summer really isn’t enough.

SeaWorld Yas Island

Antarctica at SeaWorld Yas Island Abu dhabi
Photo credit: Marina Makary

As the region’s first marine life theme park, YAS SeaWorld has more than 100,000 animals and numerous interactive experiences. It is home to the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquarium, with over 68,000 animals, including sharks, rays, and schooling fish. It is also the first SeaWorld location that does not feature orcas — endangered killer whales which have long suffered from display in marine parks.

One Ocean, Abu Dhabi Ocean, Micro Ocean, Antarctica, Endless Ocean, Arctic, Tropical Ocean, and Rocky Point — these are the eight immersive realms at SeaWorld Yas Island. In these realms, visitors get a chance to feed the sea lions, watch the playful dolphins, experience touch pools, enjoy close-up encounters with a rescued dugong and a sea turtle, and many other fascinating activities.

Antarctica was one of the highlights at SeaWorld Yas Island. With the air temperature as low as 1 degree Celsius, this penguin habitat was quite exciting. Antarctica features King Penguins, the world’s second largest penguin species.

Warner Bros. Theme Park

As the world’s biggest indoor theme park, and the only Warner Bros. branded indoor theme park, this is a destination that transports you to the lands and into the lives of your favorite characters. Walk alongside your favorite cartoon characters, take pictures with them, and make unforgettable memories with thrilling rides featuring Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, Batman and Superman.

Open for children and adults, the park has activities and shows tailored for everyone, with 29 interactive family-friendly attractions and rides.

The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel

The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel
Photo credit: Marina Makary

Did you know that your kids can have breakfast with Bugs Bunny? At The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel, you can order milk and cookies to be delivered by Bugs Bunny himself.

As soon as you step into the hotel, you are transported on a nostalgic journey to your carefree childhood days. Located two minutes away by car from Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel is the first Warner Bros. hotel in the world. With a ‘drive-in’ movie theater, a large pool complex, five signature restaurants, and a kids’ club, this hotel is definitely one of a kind, and a favorite for both children and adults.

Ferrari World

Home to the world’s fastest roller coaster with a speed of 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and over 40 record-breaking attractions, this Ferrari-themed indoor park is your ultimate go-to for a non-stop adrenaline rush.

From karting on a 290-meter-long track to the world’s first ever sideways coaster drop, Ferrari World has five fascinating zones where you can see some of the most exquisite cars and experience endless fun.

Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is the UAE’s presidential palace. Unlike other destinations on the tour, the serenity and tranquility in the atmosphere of this place were like no other.

Qasr Al Watan offers visitors an extravagant tour at one of the UAE’s most iconic landmarks. Featuring a timeless facade of white granite and limestone, it offers visitors a glimpse of Emirati culture and governance. The multi-purpose building hosts government events and educational activities, as well as public tours.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi
Photo credit: Dubai Urlaub Erfahrungen

Built under a partnership with France, the museum brings diverse cultures together through human creativity and history. Located on Saadiyat Island, Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab region. Visitors are guided through a chronological and theme-based display through galleries showcasing different periods and civilisations.

The museum’s permanent collection boasts nearly 700 artworks from prehistoric times to present day. With captivating architecture, a rich collection of sculptures and paintings, and temporary exhibitions, the museum displays ancient and contemporary historic, cultural, and sociological works from around the world.

Disclaimer: Egyptian Streets’ trip to Abu Dhabi was fully funded by The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi.

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