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Egyptian Killed in Policeman Shooting on Israelis Named as Tour Guide Sayed El Khawalka

October 8, 2023

Egyptian tour guide Sayed El Khawalka has been identified as the Egyptian killed in a shooting by an Egyptian policeman on Israeli tourists in Alexandria on 8 October.

The announcement was made by Khawalka’s sister, Azza, in a Facebook post.

The shooting, which took place in the Serapeum in Alexandria, and resulted in the death of two Israeli tourists, also led to the injury of a further Israeli tourist.

The policeman has been arrested and investigations have commenced.

“The morning during a tourist visit of a group of Israelis in Alexandria, Egypt, a local opened fire on them, as a result of which two Israeli citizens and the local Egyptian guide were murdered,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

A video has been circulating on social media depicting the aftermath scenes following the shooting, showcasing at least three ambulances rushing to the scene, with bystanders from the police.

There has as yet been no statement by the Egyptian government.

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