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Valu Announces Strategic Partnership with Beymen, Revolutionizing Luxury Retail Experience

October 8, 2023
Photo credit: Valu
Photo credit: Valu

This partnership exemplifies Valu’s unwavering commitment to empowering its customers by forging collaborations with esteemed luxury goods providers.

Valu, MENA’s leading universal financial technology powerhouse, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Beymen, a renowned luxury retail multi-brand store, to provide Beymen’s customers with Valu’s innovative financing solutions and revolutionize the way people shop for luxury goods.

Through this partnership, Beymen customers can conveniently pay for their purchases using Valu’s flexible and comprehensive payment solutions, thus making shopping for luxury goods more accessible to a wider audience, enhancing Beymen’s customer base. This partnership comes in line with Valu’s unwavering efforts and resolute plan of revolutionizing one market at a time and aligns with Valu’s strategy of solidifying its presence in high-potential markets through partnering with industry leaders and delivering transformative solutions.

Photo credit: Valu

Motaz Lotfy, Group Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Valu, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating: “We are delighted to forge a partnership with Beymen, a prestigious name in the luxury retail sector to offer our innovative payment solutions to luxury goods customers. This collaboration not only showcases Valu’s commitment to empowering its customers but also demonstrates its dedication to enhancing its presence in the luxury retail sector by partnering with more luxury goods providers. It also reaffirms Valu’s unwavering commitment to empowering its customers by forging strategic collaborations with esteemed luxury goods providers.”

Baris Mutlu, General Manager at Beymen, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “We are excited to join forces with Valu and introduce their innovative payment solutions to our customers making our products more accessible to a larger customer base. This collaboration will enable us to enhance the shopping experience and provide our discerning clientele with convenient and flexible payment options. We believe that embracing digital financial solutions is key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving luxury retail industry.”

As part of this exciting partnership, Valu and Beymen are working on a groundbreaking new offer that will be launched this month. The offer will provide customers with unparalleled benefits and rewards, thus further elevating the luxury retail experience.

Photo credit: Valu

About Valu

Valu is the leading universal financial technology powerhouse offering customers and businesses convenient and comprehensive financial solutions. Under its product universe, Valu pioneered Buy-Now, Pay-Later (BNPL) solutions in the MENA region, providing customizable financing plans for up to 60 months across more than 5,500 points of sale and over 1,500 websites and apps – covering a diverse array of categories, including home appliances, electronics, home finishing, furniture, residential solar solutions, healthcare, education, travel, and fashion, among others. Valu also offers investment products, an instant cash redemption program, and savings solutions through the AZValu fund, Sha2labaz, Ulter, and Akeed, respectively. In addition, Valu offers business-to-business solutions with a hassle-free HR payroll service and more. As an award-winning fintech player in the MENA region, Valu embraces a progressive mindset with an agile workforce committed to architecting innovative financial solutions.

Photo credit: Valu

About Beymen

For almost 20 years, Beymen has always been a forerunner in bringing exceptional ideas to the fashion world in Egypt. Houses all our favorable designer brands serving not only your style but also your life with its brand mix helping our customers to express their uniqueness. Beymen leads an exceptional customer service with a unique approach to luxury, offering an authentic experience centered around its customers, leaving a lush, blue legacy for the future, cyclical fashion with our sensitive, respectful, fair and egalitarian business models. Every step, every project we implement is for this world!

This is an article provided by Valu to Egyptian Streets for publication. If you are interested in promotional opportunities with Egyptian Streets, get in touch with us here.

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