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Egypt’s Bassem Youssef to Make Piers Morgan Show Comeback on 31 October

October 26, 2023
Image Credit: Piers Morgan/X

British TV host Piers Morgan announced a second round of his interview with Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, which is set to take place face-to-face on 31 October live on the popular show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The pair’s unfiltered and thought-provoking segment gained virality instantly, in great part thanks to Youssef’s use of dark humour to shed light on the Palestinian struggle in Gaza.

Youssef, known for his short stint running the political satirical show Al-Barnameg (The Show), is an Egyptian comedian living in the United States with his Palestinian wife.

“I disagree with Piers about a lot of things. But I do respect him bringing people with opposing views and giving them space to talk despite the heated conversations and interruptions (I am guilty of that too),” Youssef posted on X shortly after his first interview with Morgan.

The full interview on YouTube has amassed 19.5 million views and over 160,000 comments at the time of writing – becoming the talk show’s most-viewed YouTube video to date.

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