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Spotify Wrapped 2023: What Did Egypt Listen to?

December 4, 2023

Spotify unveiled its most-anticipated year-end feature, Spotify Wrapped, on 29 November, rolling out the most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts that have left their mark on over 574 million people worldwide during the year .

Egypt’s Spotify Wrapped 2023 list indicated that there was an expanding influence of local music and podcasts, revealing that there was a 224 percent increase in local music consumption in Egypt.

Spotify observed that there was a continuous surge in the streaming of Egyptian music across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Seven out of the 10 most-streamed Arab artists were Egyptian creators.

Leading the charts were Essm Sasa, who reigned as the top-streamed artist in Egypt and across MENA, and Egyptian rapper Wegz, who was featured in the most-streamed artist category in the MENA region.

Across the MENA region, the top-streamed Arab artists featured a diverse range of Egyptian talent that span across distinct genres and musical eras, including Amr Diab, Ahmed Saad, Marwan Pablo, as well as Indie-Rock band Cairokee, whose album Roma claimed the most-streamed album in Egypt.

There were also various new voices who debuted on the list, including Spotify RADAR Arabia’s artist Mohamed Saeed, whose song Alo Aleky secured the title as the most-streamed song in Egypt and the entire Arab world, and Nawal, whose catchy hit Mekhasmak dominated Egypt’s summer season, clinching the eighth spot in MENA and the seventh spot in Egypt.

In the podcasts realm, there was an 873 percent increase in hours spent on podcasts from November 2021 to September 2023. The leading podcast was Finjan Ma Abdel Rahman, Egypt’s most popular podcast in 2023. Other popular podcasts also included Podcast Tanfoos and Droos Podcast.

“This year’s Wrapped results vividly mirror the versatility of Egyptian music and listeners, showcasing how new artists can make a significant impact. It’s equally rewarding to see the continued success of some of Egypt’s most beloved artists.” Spotify MENA and South Asia’s Managing Director Akshat Harbola said in a press release sent to Egyptian Streets.

Here is a rundown of the most listened-to artists in Egypt during 2023:

Egypt’s Most-Streamed Artists
1. Essam Sasa
2. Amr Diab
3. Wegz
4. Cairokee
5. Ahmed Saad
6. Muslim – مُسلِم
7. Marwan Mousa
8. Mohammed Saeed
9. Afroto
10. Marwan Pablo

Egypt’s Most-Streamed Songs

1. Alo Aleky by Mohammed Saeed
2. Mesa Meni Leko by Essam Sasa
3. El Bakht by Wegz
4. Aleb Fel Dafater by Muslim
5. Yemken Kheir by Ramy Sabry
6. Beraha Ya Sheikha by Bahaa Sultan
7. Mekhasmak by Nawal
8. Ekhteyaraty – Mr. X by Ahmed Saad
9. Basrah w Atooh by Cairokee
10. Freedom Music: Scene Cypher 3 by Wingii

Egypt’s Most-Streamed Albums
1. Roma by Cairokee
2. Ma’aya Hatbadaa by Ramy Sabry
3. Bye by Muhab
4. HEROES & VILLAINS by Metro Boomin
5. Tegy Ntrahn by Tamer Ashour
6. SWTICH by Husayn
7. Starboy by The Weeknd
8. Cigara by Bahaa Sultan
9. Allem Alby by Amr Diab
10. Nsay by Sherine

Egypt’s Most Popular Spotify playlist
1. El Top
2. Aqwa Elmahragnat
3. Rawakan
4. Melouk El Scene
5. Aghany Trend
6. Raqs w farfasha
7. Saaet Foraq
8. Hob w Gharam
9. Masry Gedid
10. Maak FelZahma

Egypt’s Most Popular Podcasts on Spotify
1. فنجان مع عبدالرحمن أبومالح
2. الطريق إلى النجاح – د. إبراهيم الفقي
3. بودكاست تَنفَّسْ
4. دوباميكافين
5. وعي
6. قهوة بدون سكر
7. بودكاست صحب
8. karohat – كاروهات
9. بودكاست متاهة
10. Droos Podcast – دروس بودكاست

Top 10 Artists in MENA
1. Essam Sasa
2. Wegz
3. Amr Diab
4. Ahmed Saad
5. Cairokee
6. ElGrande Toto
7. Marwan Pablo
8. Draganov
9. Husayn
10. Kouz1

Top 10 Arabic Tracks in MENA
1. Alo Aleky by Mohammed Saeed
2. El Bakht by Wegz
3. Mesa Meni Leko by Essam Sasa
4. Beraha Ya Sheikha by Bahaa Sultan
5. Aleb Fel Dafater by Muslim
6. Yemken Kheir by Ramy Sabry

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