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March for Change: International Calls for Ceasefire Resonate in London and Washington

January 14, 2024
Photo Source: The Guardian

Thousands of people took to the streets of London on Saturday 13 January as part of a global day of action to show solidarity with Palestine and demand a ceasefire in Gaza. 

The march, organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, saw impassioned demonstrators gathering on Queen Victoria Street before making their way towards Parliament Square along Fleet Street. This marked the seventh National March for Palestine organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign since October 2023.

The event witnessed the presence of Little Amal, a giant puppet representing a Syrian child refugee, symbolizing the collective struggle of refugees worldwide.

Amidst the protests, speakers addressed the crowd, highlighting the urgent need for attention to the escalating war on Gaza. 

Amir Nizar Zuabi, the artistic director of Walk With Amal, emphasized the connection between the Palestinian cause and the longstanding refugee population. He pointed out to The Guardian that Gaza, home to many refugees from Jaffa and the coastal areas of Palestine, is once again being targeted by Israeli forces. 

Simultaneously, similar protests reverberated globally. In Washington, D.C., thousands gathered opposite the White House vehemently demanding an end to Israeli military action in Gaza. 

Signs questioning President Joe Biden’s support for Israel were raised, with some labeling him “Genocide Joe.” 

The focus on children’s suffering was evident in both the London and Washington protests. Little Amal, the symbolic puppet, represented the vulnerability and resilience of children affected by the war on Gaza. 

Children continue to face grave risks and harm due to the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank. Shockingly, Defense for Children International (DCIP) reports that in 2023 alone, a devastating toll was inflicted upon Palestinian children. 

At least 8,000 children lost their lives in the Gaza Strip, while an additional 121 children were killed in the occupied West Bank. These distressing figures bring to light the immense human cost and tragic consequences of the ongoing war on Gaza. 

These demonstrations also emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire and an end to the violence. Protesters waved Palestinian flags, held signs critical of governments’ actions, and resoundingly called for freedom for Palestine.

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