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‘Bridging Cairo & New York’ Exhibition Represents a Culture Exchange Through Art

March 6, 2024
Artwork of Lina Osama at Saphira and Ventura Gallery in New York Photo credit: @artoday_official

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MOTA) launched an art exhibition in the USA for Egyptian artists. In cooperation with the Regional Office of the United Nations, the gallery serves as a testament that art is a universal language that transcends borders —uniting humanity in shared expression.

The exhibition, ‘Bridging Cairo & New York,’ scheduled from 29 February to 7 March, is spearheaded by Shereen Badr, the CEO and founder of Artoday consultancy in Egypt and the founder of Empower Her Art Forum (EHAF), as well as Alcinda Saphira, president and head curator of Saphira & Ventura Gallery, an art Gallery in New York.

The expo aims to showcase the variety and innovation of Egyptian art in the world’s capital of modern art, bringing with it a celebration of both ancient traditions and contemporary expressions, according to Badr.

Badr emphasized the significance of the event, stating that it offers a platform to champion gender equality by featuring both female and male artists. A panel discussion is scheduled on 7 March where the panelists will discuss the transformative power of art in empowering women and promoting gender equality.



The inclusion and connection of people of different backgrounds underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of all artists, a sentiment echoed by Saphira, who views the show as a means of fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.

“The exhibition is a unique opportunity to showcase Egyptian art in New York, the world’s capital of modern art,” Badr said.

Amr El-Kady, the Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, stated, “The authority’s sponsorship of this exhibition comes within the framework of the media strategy for tourism promotion in Egypt, which among its goals is to shed light on the Egyptian destination as a vibrant, modern, contemporary destination.”

MOTA also announced that the exhibition presents a diverse collection of artworks by 10 Egyptian artists. Each collection represents a distinct perspective shaped by diverse eras, schools, and styles.

The exhibition includes artists such as Aliaa El Gready, Asmaa El Nawawy, Emad Abd Elwahab, Khaled Hafez, Lina Osama, Mariem Abutaleb, Mhanny Yaoud, Mohamed Monaiseer, Sabah Naim, and Tarek El Sheikh.

Moreover, the artworks on display offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of present-day Egyptian creations with Aliaa El Gready’s intricate designs and the bold expressions of Khaled Hafez. It also embraces various mediums including painting, design, and architecture, reflecting the evolution of Egypt’s art movement, while providing a platform for emerging talents to shine.

Among the featured artists are Asmaa El Nawawy, whose works evoke a sense of nostalgia for Egypt’s cultural heritage, and Mohamed Monaiseer, whose abstract compositions challenge conventional notions of form and space. Through their art, these visionaries bridge the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation, and Cairo and New York.

Entering the exhibition amidst the bustling streets of New York, the artworks transport the visitors to ancient alleyways in Cairo.

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