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How Lebaladna Foundation Empowers Youth to Build a Better Egypt

March 19, 2024

For twenty years, Lebaladna Development Foundation has been a beacon of hope for those in need across Egypt. Guided by a volunteer-driven model and the generosity of founder Dr. Nawal El Degwi, Lebaladna empowers lives while nurturing the personal growth of its volunteers.

Representing the social responsibility arms of October University for Modern Sciences & Arts (MSA University) and Dar El Tarbiah Schools, Lebaladna’s unique approach focuses on community building and empowering youth to become agents of positive change. At the heart of this approach, Lebaladna fosters an environment centered around ‘family’, where volunteers establish strong connections with each other and truly consider Lebaladna as a ‘second family’. This sense of belonging creates a deep commitment to Lebaladna’s mission, fueling the dedication and drive of volunteers.

The foundation works within educational settings to develop sustainable volunteer models, equipping young people with the skills and drive to lead development projects across various sectors. This philosophy ensures that Lebaladna’s impact extends far beyond immediate aid, creating a generation of leaders committed to addressing the root causes of community needs.

Recent initiatives, including in Aswan, of Lebaladna have seen it focus its efforts on villages across Egypt. This includes providing a wide range of support, from roofing, healthcare convoys, and educational awareness to microfinance projects and blanket distribution.

In Aswan, the initiative recently transformed lives by providing 240 new roofs, hosting ophthalmology, dermatology, and internal medicine convoys, along with first aid and hygiene training sessions. Community support included aiding newlyweds, distributing training suits, and supporting Islamic studies.

Meanwhile, empowerment came in the form of microfinance projects tailored to families, while essential needs were met through the distribution of food packs and heavy blankets. Lebaladna also focused on children, renovating an orphanage, making over a nursery, and hosting awareness workshops.

Lebaladna’s Journey: From a Dream to a Force for Good

Lebaladna’s roots lie in a simple yet profound act of kindness in 2006 – providing Ramadan meals. This sparked a movement, and under the leadership of Dr. Nawal El Degwi, the dream was formalized into a foundation in 2010.

Since then, strategic milestones like the focus on volunteer development in 2013 have ensured the organization’s longevity and impact. Lebaladna evolved beyond immediate charitable aid in 2016, tackling the root causes of poverty with sustainable development projects.

In 2018, Lebaladna embraced social responsibility, partnering with MSA University and Dar El Tarbiah Schools to create a holistic ecosystem of support, continuing the dream of Dr. El Degwi and spreading the movement to new horizons.

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