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Valu and Forset Hayah: How Everyday Spending Can Transform Lives in Egypt

March 31, 2024


In a landscape saturated with well-meaning charity campaigns, MENA’s leading financial technology company, Valu, is taking philanthropy one step further. Valu’s latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, in partnership with the Forset Hayah Foundation, transforms giving into an engaging and rewarding act of generosity.

As part of this campaign, users of Valu will be able to participate in supporting Forset Hayah Foundation through an automatic EGP 20 donation that Valu will donate with every transaction they make.

Taking a refreshingly unconventional approach to social good, Valu launched a transformative social media campaign for their partnership with the Forset Hayah Foundation. The campaign aims to ignite a sense of shared purpose amongst Valu’s community of users and sets an important precedent for social impact initiatives in the Egyptian market.


Forset Hayah: Fighting the Invisible Illness

Forset Hayah Foundation leads Egypt’s charge against debilitating rare diseases in children. The Foundation blossomed from a viral 2021 Facebook post rallying to save a child’s life. The “Save Rasheed” movement captured hearts and ignited a national movement of compassion. From this grassroots beginning, the Foundation officially launched in 2022, becoming a powerful force for changing the fight against rare childhood diseases.

Rare childhood diseases place an agonizing strain on families. Over 6,000 to 8,000 different rare diseases exist, with children disproportionately affected. Through various initiatives, Forset Hayah Foundation stands with children battling these diseases; they are a guiding light for families facing the unimaginable pain.

Forset Hayah Foundation goes beyond funding. They work tirelessly to spread knowledge about rare diseases, empowering people to recognize signs, act preventatively, and support those affected. The Foundation actively funds treatment for children, from spinal muscular atrophy to metabolic conditions, giving hope to desperate families. Recognizing the importance of skilled professionals, Forset Hayah Foundation also invests in specialized healthcare training, ensuring cases receive the expert care they need.

Valu’s partnership with Forset Hayah Foundation empowers people to fight against invisible illness. The collaboration transforms the concept of giving in Egypt by infusing life-changing impact into everyday transactions.

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