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How to Style Traditional Egyptian Kirdan Necklace for Everyday Wear

May 2, 2024


Samia Gamal, wearing the Kirdan (or Kerdan) necklace, stares into the camera with a gaze that is both fierce and captivating. The necklace adorns her neck as though it is an inherent part of her; an extension of her own skin since birth. 

Today, jewelry adorns our bodies as a purely decorative element. But for ancient communities, it held a deeper purpose; it was a tangible expression of their connection to the divine and a shield against evil. 

Every detail, every stone, every color, was meticulously chosen, transforming the piece into a miniature work of art, imbued with symbolic power and a link to the gods.

The layered necklace trend has surged back into fashion in recent years. Influencers and style icons have been wearing this look, particularly the layered gold necklace, which draws influence from the Kirdan necklace, a traditional necklace worn by women in Egypt. 

The Kirdan, a wide necklace with multiple rows and dangling elements, is usually worn by women in Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, Nubia, Sinai, and mainland Bedouin regions. Often associated with gold (especially in Nubia), it can also be crafted from silver or copper. The defining feature is its multiple rows, composed of repeating units linked by rings. 

If you’re looking for the Kirdan necklace, Azza Fahmy offers beautiful traditional Egyptian jewelry, including Kirdan designs. Alternatively, you can explore Cairo’s Khan El Khalili Bazaar for a more diverse selection.

Though it is usually paired with traditional attire, the Kirdan necklace can also be modernized. Here are tips to style your Kirdan necklace with modern or casual outfits:

Simple Crewneck Tees

The bold style of the Kirdan necklace pairs perfectly with simple tops like crewneck tees, elevating any casual look. Preferably, the best colours would be a white crewneck tee with black pants, with a pair of strappy sandals.


Pair a white turtleneck with a layered gold or silver Kirdan necklace and some relaxed-fit blue jeans. For a touch of personality, add a pop of color with a red or other vibrant jacket.

To dress it up, swap the white turtleneck for a black one and keep the necklace. Team it with a checkered skirt for a polished yet stylish outfit.

Square Neckline Tops 

To showcase your Kirdan necklace more, embrace structure with a flattering square neckline. The Kirdan will take center stage regardless of the fabric, color, or print you choose.   For a casual vibe, pair it with mom jeans, but if you want to dress it up, tuck it into black trousers and add a belt for a polished finish.


To beat the summer heat, wear the Kirdan necklace with a camisole. Keep it casual for daytime with a simple cotton cami and jeans.  For a touch of evening elegance, style up your look with a luxurious velvet camisole in a rich color, and then pair it with a flowing maxi skirt for a night out with friends. 


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