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Hamas Accepts Ceasefire Deal

May 6, 2024
Photo credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
Photo credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

In a statement released on the evening of Monday 6 May, Hamas announced that it had accepted the terms of a truce with Israel.

Hamas said that Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, had informed Egypt and Qatar of the decision to accept the ceasefire terms. Egypt and Qatar have been acting as mediators between Israel and Hamas, with the latest truce talks largely being led by Egypt.

The terms of the ceasefire are yet to be made public. Israel has not yet accepted the ceasefire terms, with Hamas saying the ‘ball’ is now in ‘Israel’s court’.

Initial reports by Reuters citing an anonymous Israeli official say that the ceasefire terms are not acceptable to Israel. However, in a statement, Israel’s military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that his country would ‘examine’ the ceasefire proposal. Hagari added that Israel is still operating in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the US’ national security spokesman John Kirby said that the White House is ‘reviewing’ the terms of the proposal.

News of Hamas’ acceptance of the truce proposal comes as Israel prepares for an assault on Rafahprepares for an assault on Rafah, a plan that has attracted condemnation from regional and international leaders.

This story is developing.

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