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Egyptian Authorities Investigate the Murder of Canadian-Israeli Businessman

May 8, 2024
Canadian- Israeli businessman, Ziv Kipper. Photo source: Ziv Kipper/Facebook

A Canadian-Israeli businessman was shot and killed on Tuesday, 7 May, by unknown gunmen in Alexandria, a city in northern Egypt.

The victim was identified as Ziv Kipper, the CEO of the Egyptian frozen fruits and vegetables company, OK Group LLC. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel stated that Kipper held Canadian and Israeli citizenship. He had been working in Egypt for over nine years and lived in Alexandria, where the company’s headquarters are located.

Egyptian authorities are currently investigating the crime. Namely, they are probing into the businessman’s connections to identify the possible murderers and motives for committing the crime.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior posted on social media, stating, “Legal measures were taken, and a team was formed to uncover the circumstances of the incident.”

An unverified statement circulating on social media claimed responsibility for the murder on behalf of an alleged jihadist group, according to Ahram Online.

The statement, signed by The Vanguard of Liberation Group for Martyr Mohamed Salah, claimed that the attack was retaliation for Israeli military operations in Gaza; it also alleged that the victim was a Mossad agent.

The Israeli Embassy in Cairo remains in contact with the Egyptian authorities investigating the case.