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Sexual Harassment in Egypt Causes Woman to Jump From Moving Vehicle

July 9, 2024
An Egyptian woman quickly crossing a street to evade speeding tuk-tuks.

Caution: The below information may be triggering due to the details of sexual assault cases reported.

An Egyptian woman residing in the Old Cairo district jumped from a moving auto-rickshaw – known in Egypt as tuk-tuks – in fear of being assaulted by the driver harassing her during the ride. The victim filed a report shortly after, resulting in his arrest on 9 July.

“While on her way back from work [riding the tuk-tuk], the driver of the tuk-tuk made indecent movements [towards the victim]. She asked him to stop so she could get out, but he did not comply. Consequently, she jumped out of the moving vehicle, resulting in injuries,” a media statement by the Ministry of Interior revealed.

The victim, who filed a report against the driver later in the day, sustained a fracture to her facial bone structure and left arm.

The perpetrator admitted to committing the incident as described.

Legal procedures have been initiated, and the Public Prosecution Office has been notified to commence further investigations.


Egyptian authorities have recently been under fire following a streak of assault incidents on women. This is also not the first incident where a woman in fear jumps out of a moving vehicle.

In February 2024, Habiba El-Shamaa, an Egyptian female Uber passenger jumped out of a moving car in fear of being kidnapped by her driver. El-Shamaa’s leap onto the pavement caused her severe brain damage, and eventually, her death in March.

In May 2024, another female Uber passenger was assaulted by a driver with a box cutter knife, threatening to rape her.

In both incidents, the drivers were arrested and sentenced to jail shortly after.

Both incidents sparked nationwide outrage from citizens and parliamentarians over the safety and security of ride-hailing services.

On a wider scale, sexual assault continues to be a significant issue in Egypt. A study by the United Nations in 2013 revealed that 99 percent of Egyptian women had experienced some form of sexual harassment. Despite the introduction of stricter laws and penalties to combat sexual harassment, incidents continue to occur frequently.

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