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Egyptian Uber Driver Arrested for Assaulting Female Passenger

May 14, 2024
Image Credit: The Egyptian Ministry of Interior/Facebook

An Egyptian Uber driver was arrested on 13 May for allegedly assaulting a woman in Cairo, an incident that sparked outrage on social media.

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced the arrest in a social media statement in light of the online attention over the incident, prompting an investigation and eventual arrest.

“The woman stated that she was using a vehicle from a smart transportation app when the driver diverted to an area within the jurisdiction of the Nasr City Second Police Department,” the police statement reads. “The driver then attempted to assault her with a box cutter, causing injuries.”

Further details shared in news talk show Al Hekaya (The Story) revealed that the driver attempted to rape the woman, but the victim managed to escape.

Following standard legal procedures, the police identified and arrested the suspect, who resides in the Mokattam district of Cairo. The authorities also located the weapon and the vehicle used in the incident.

While the Ministry of Interior did not specify the name of the ride-hailing app, reports indicated that the victim was using Uber.

Shortly after the incident, Uber released a statement – showcased in Al Hekaya – expressing its “deep sorrow” and condemning the actions of the driver.

“Uber has confirmed that it has taken all necessary measures against the driver, including suspending his account on the app. As soon as the incident was reported, the company contacted a family member of the victim to offer all possible support. Uber is also working with local authorities to provide all necessary information to complete the investigation,” the statement added.

The global private transportation company has been under fire in Egypt recently for its streak of assault incidents on women.

In February 2024, Habiba El-Shamaa, an Egyptian female Uber passenger jumped out of a moving vehicle in fear of being kidnapped by her driver. El-Shamaa’s leap onto the pavement caused her severe brain damage, and eventually, her death in March.

Uber integrated an SOS and voice record feature shortly after the incident, but citizens continue to demand stricter regulations on ride-hailing apps and their recruitment process.

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