Russia To Build Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Russia To Build Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant

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Egypt and Russia are edging closer as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced that the Russians would help in the construction of the country’s first nuclear power plant.

According to the Egyptian President, who was holding a press conference at Al-Qubba Presidential Palace, Cairo and Moscow have “signed a memorandum of understanding to build the first nuclear plant in El-Dabaa.”

At the press conference, the two leaders stressed the importance of strengthening military relations between the two countries and combatting terrorism.

President Putin declared that “terrorism does not stop at borders,” stressing the importance of continuing the international fight against terrorism.

The leaders also vowed to continue fighting for the Palestinian cause, with Sisi stressing that a two-state solution is necessary.

President Putin is in Cairo on a two day visit aimed at boosting bilateral relations between Cairo and Moscow.

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  • أحمد رأفت

    Nuclear power plant?! Really?! When and what is the actions?!Ask the russians how many times they signed such agreements with Egypt?! BTW, this is the third time to do it.
    Crap & political propaganda for nothing as everything this retard is doing

    • Wessam Ahmed

      Cool. Find us someone who’s not a “retard” to rule us then, I’m sure he’ll exert a lot more effort! Take a walk.

  • Hennessy Jonas

    Is Putin building a Chernobyl in the Middle East?

    • Maria Sam

      Your comment is so stupid Hennesy Jonas

      • Hennessy Jonas

        Tough shit Maria! Fuck Putin! I live in a free country. BTW, the only “stupid” I see is the picture you stole and used for your profile. Good day Stupid!

        • Maria Sam

          You have proved now, that it was not one accedential comment written by you that was stupid…. Every cell of your undeveloped brain is out of function

        • Joe Ibrahim

          You live in a free country? Well either you don’t live in the US or you’re a retard.

          But I agree with you on the photo comment. How lame.

          • Maria Sam

            Well, Joe Ibrahim, tell me the name of the person on that then

          • Joe Ibrahim

            It doesn’t matter what her name is Maria. We want to see your beautiful face!

  • Kareem Gamal

    Russia helping in building a nuclear plant makes it really easy to believe that there are some hidden agreement maybe. I hope this plant solves the power shortage though…

    • Foamaniac

      It takes 5-7 years to build a Nuclear plant, by then there will be no such thing as power in Egypt ..

      • Kareem Gamal

        I hope there are any plans in progress to address this (I doubt) seems like we’re gonna have really ugly summers.

        On the bright side, more star gazing for everyone. 😀

        • Foamaniac

          Oh man, I don’t even remember the last time I saw the stars lol .. So much pollution in the air to see anything up there ..


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