Muslim-American Community Raises Funds To Rebuild Burned Black Churches In The US

Muslim-American Community Raises Funds To Rebuild Burned Black Churches In The US


In a faith restoring act of human and spiritual solidarity, a group of Muslim organizations in the US have launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore eight black churches that have burned along the span of 10 days following the Charleston church shooting which left nine parishioners dead on 17 June.

Under the patronage of Muslim ARC, the Arab American Association of New York, Ummah Wide, and other Muslim activists, the project -which was launched on July 2- has raised over $ 29,000 to date, leaving it a few steps away from its $ 30,000 goal.

A charred bible page outside Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal church on Wednesday in Greeleyville, South Carolina. Credit: Veasey Conway/AP
A charred bible page outside Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal church on Wednesday in Greeleyville, South Carolina.
Credit: Veasey Conway/AP

“All houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear,” the project description states.

“As Muslims we know the importance of protecting the vulnerable and respecting people who call on God in their various tongues,” the description added. “We want for others what we want for ourselves: the right to worship without intimidation, the right to safety, and the right to property.”

Among the eight churches burned across Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia, only three have been identified as acts of arson, reported The Independent. Meanwhile, preliminary federal investigations at predominantly black Mount Zion church in South Carolina have revealed that the fire was due to weather, reported the Wall Street Journal. While the remaining cases are still under investigation, none of them have been ruled as hate crimes, according to Al-Jazeera.

A lightning is suspected of causing fire at Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. Credit: AP/Bruce Smith
A lightning is suspected of causing fire at Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. Credit: AP/Bruce Smith

“The American Muslim community cannot claim to have experienced anything close to the systematic and institutionalized racism and racist violence that has been visited upon African Americans,” California-based imam and Muslim scholar Zaid Shakir wrote in regards to the campaign. “We do, however, understand the climate of racially inspired hate and bigotry that is being reignited in this country.”

“There’s a feeling of a need for safety,” Cleveland Hodby III, pastor of College Hill, one of the churches that have burned down, told The Guardian. “Church has always been a safe place. The aura of church being a safe place has been taken. I have to restore that.”

The campaign runs until July 18. To learn more about the initiative and support it, visit their website.

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  • ~Rose~

    What a crock! mooslums have imported 120 million African slaves since moehamhead’s day, but I hear this kind of crap out of their filthy mouths a lot. They have their talking points, and what they don’t talk about is there were no bigger and brutal slave holders than mooslums. It was only recently that they stopped castrating the male slaves, which was the practice for a long time, centuries! But they are doing exactly what their unholy hate book says, spreading lies and the seeds of dissension. I wouldn’t take a dime from these savages.

  • 338Lapua

    When will these c ocksuckers rebuild the Christian churches THEY have burned?

  • Mimbole Dakswangu

    WHy are muslims collecting money to burn churches?

    They are usually very friendly.

  • Sean

    Too bad American Muslims have not partnered with the Muslim Egyptians to reimburse the Copts for the hundreds of buildings attacked by Muslim mobs and the hundreds of Coptic people killed or injured by Muslim Egyptians in the past five years. I guess it is more politically expedient to fund raise for a handful of churches here in the USA.

    • Alnitek Altair

      Most muslims in America are not egyptians but they are either Indians or Pakistanis so therefore they dont care or are not aware of the Coptic situation. That is egypt and Egyptian’s problem to deal with!

      • Sean

        Muslims all over the world, including Pakistan, actively participate in persecuting Christians. Muslims in Pakistan commit horrific crimes against Christians, burning them alive, beating them, raping them, driving them out of their homes. 15 Pakistani Christians were murdered by Muslim suicide bombers in Lahore just this year, and many dozens injured. A Pakistani Christian mother has been the subject of a cruel witch hunt for years for drinking from cup used by Muslims, thus “contaminating” it.
        These same Pakistani Muslims come to the USA and suddenly become civil rights activists—but only if they can opportunistically attach black persecution to their own obsession with being persecuted here in the US. The black community should, and probably does, feel used by the cynical actions of Muslim ARC and the rest.

        • Alnitek Altair

          so with your logic Jews in america should pay for the damages in Gaza because they are actively persecuting Palestinians and that the JEws that live here are just faking it out with their kindnes


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