Woman stripped, beaten and sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square

Woman stripped, beaten and sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square


Yesterday thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate the inauguration of Egypt’s seventh president Abdelfatah El Sisi. While many television networks have been featuring footage of large unified crowds cheering and holding Egyptian flags, one YouTube user posted a video from Tahrir Square, shot on his mobile phone, which documented a much grimmer reality for the country.

The original video, which was removed from YouTube due to its graphic nature, shows a naked, injured woman, attempting to flee a large group of men who have sexually assaulted her in the middle of the square.

The sexual assault was reposted by YouTube user Marwan Arafah, and already has over 148,000 views [Please note: Egyptian Streets removed the video at the request of the victim].

In another video that has gone viral, a Tahrir Channel correspondent is shown reporting live from Tahrir Square. During the report, she mentions a high number of sexual harassment cases. Before she is finished with her report, the in-studio anchor talks over her and states “they are just happy.”

The Ministry of Interior released a statement claiming that it had arrested seven men between the ages of 15 and 49 for sexually assaulting “a number of women” and for injuring a police officer.

Sexual assault epidemic

Although the sexual assault epidemic is nothing new in Egypt, recently there has been an extended initiative by the government to crack down on the issue. Before stepping down last week, Interim President Adly Mansour passed a law criminalizing all forms of sexual harassment, regardless of the medium through which it occurs.

A new article, which has been issued into power, adds a harsh punishment to those found guilty of unwanted sexual contact. Violators of this law will be punished with a minimum of one year in prison and a fine between EGP 10,000 and EGP 20,000.

If such sexual contact is by an authority figure, whether it be in the work place, at school or even at home, then the punishment would be a prison sentence of at least two years and a fine between EGP 20,000 and EGP 50,000.

Other amended laws, under article 306, declare that those found guilty of verbal sexual harassment in a private or public place will be sentenced to a minimum of six months in prison and fined no less than EGP 3,000 ($US 420).

These new laws come after several television hosts have discussed cases of sexual harassment occurring at universities throughout the country, while blaming women for provoking their aggressor through their clothing choices.

In his talk show, Egyptian presenter Tamer Amin of Egypt Today, declared that clothing choice is not a personal freedom, while accusing women of going to the universities not to study but in order to drive male attention.

Amin also blames the security guards at the schools who allow the women into the universities with their “provocative clothing.”

With the increase of transparency through videos like last night’s horrific footage, it has become increasingly difficult to sweep such issues of sexual harassment under the rug. However, it remains to be seen how effective these laws will be in creating safer streets for Egyptian women.

The world witnesses history at Sisi’s inauguration
Egypt among the world's unhappiest countries

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  • melora

    That must be why males in Muslim countries want to keep their women sequestered. Because this might happen to them. I had several Muslim men try to pick me up when I was in London. And I’m not attractive. They probably think that any woman alone is a whore.

  • melora

    When my mom went to egypt, she was told by the guide that because rape is punishable by death there were no rapes in Egypt. The guide probably believed that.

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  • Zeinul Abidin Al-Nouby

    And Egyptians still have the nerve to get upset when the world calls them ANIMALS.

  • bonbon2

    People in my country think that Egypt is the land of rape, that Egyptian males rape women, this reputation has been attached to the country. People avoid traveling to Egypt. Think about that reputation. No honor or pride for Egyptian men, but the stigma labeling for this once great kingdom of great civilization.

  • habzz

    it’s woman like her and the rapists she supports that make this disgusting and the reason that most won’t venture near their country any more. Funny how they are whining to other countries when they need financial help. No one should send a dime there and just let them all rot.

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  • Smita Dikshit

    Its really disgusting. Somehow this problem of viewing women as mere sexual objects is not endemic to Egypt only. Unfortunately the recent increase in reported rapes and sexual assaults in India are a pointer to a much serious issue- the eroding position of women in traditional societies. I read an online article the other day by a “much respected” woman journalist Ms Madhu Purnima Kishwar in which she had lambasted Indian women for blindly aping the west and foregoing traditional Indian conservative dresses for more, as she put it, provocative western wear. Its akin to what the Eqyptian Premier commented in such bad taste because as I pointed out to Ms Kishwar, all the women raped and murdered in India had been fully clothed in her so called conservative wear. As long as we do not stop this demonifying of women by their own personal choices and deny them the basic human freedoms, these cases are here to stay. A woman cannot be termed unchaste or asking for assault just by the reason she chooses to dress up. Maybe we all need to focus attention on why this issue is crossing borders and becoming a human security issue.

    • Rammm

      Smita: A woman whom I don’t know has been sending me flowers almost everyday.
      If a man were to do that to her, how would/should she react?
      Is it becoming of a woman to do stalk a man, thus?

      • Smita Dikshit

        I do not know why you chose this forum to post this query but anyhow I will indulge you. Basically flowers can be a show of respect for something you are doing professionally or in an official capacity. However if it is making you uncomfortable, kindly tell the lady to stop sending the flowers. Stalkers, as far as I know, do stuff to somehow gain control of your life thus sending flowers per se, if its stalking or not, is a tough call to make unless the person is also deliberately and persistently trying to be in touch. I personally am very fond of flowers and do send them to individuals that I have never physically met. Same with me too since I get lots of bouquets and thank you notes. It depends on the context and situation that you put it to.

        • ramamani

          Please accept my sincere apologies for posting in a wrong forum and without introduction.

          I tried to delete it but did not know the rules of this forum.

          I thank you profusely for your generous and insightful reply. It sure opens a new door of thought.

          I have been a follower of your posts and appreciate your meaningful discussions and replies especially in the pet forums.

          God Bless. Respects. Cheers to sending and receiving good will.


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  • Amr El Shabini

    Think .. Think .. Think .. Try to make this thing in your skull to work and think

    1- If much more people than this crowd were in Tahrir square on Jun. 30 and nothing like this happened at that time?
    2- If such thing is very well organized by a group of people whom are circling the victim and leading her to a side lane and take her clothes off .. so this is not a normal harassment situation and this is a very well planned action?
    3- If the people doing this are keep telling the victim “that’s for supporting SISI”?
    4- If one of the Moslem Brotherhood media on the net were publishing the video maybe 10 minutes only after it was happened and it had over than 250K likes on that URL?

    So who was behind this and why?

    If you dare

  • Yvy

    This is just unbelievable; women are just second hand citizens. That woman is so assaulted and wounded by these men. And then you read that there were numerous women assaulted; one in critical condition?! How can any society allow this to happen? How can any father, brother, husband allow this to happen???!!! Shame on you all!

  • salma

    Maybe instead of politicizing the situation, we should focus on how girls are now afraid of walking in their country.

  • Jordi

    Me avergüenzo de ser hombre!!!!!
    Que asco!!!!

  • zilvermijn

    “Quran 24:30
    Tell the believing men to reduce their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do.”

    the above is about a man following a woman.

    • KalMD

      What do you mean?

      • zilvermijn

        i only mean that we cannot blame religion for what happend. i am merely quoting the quran. it says that men are not allowed to follow and harrass woman, they should not even look at them.

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  • Bystanding Witness

    In summing up of what I’ve heard and read yesterday from fundamentalists of both religions (Coptic and Islamic) I conclude that at the face of it there must be a fundamental flaw in the creation of women.
    God/Allah should have made us women invisible and then there would be no one to blame, attack and “villify”. Problem solved.
    Luckily I know as so many other women do that the majority of men here in Egypt are NOT disrespectful of themselves and, by extention, of women. The opposite is the case: I get treated with utter respect wherever I go and never had an issue of this sort. And no … I don’t live in a gated community and I move in almost all levels of society.
    But yes – there is today a problem and we can only solve it by addressing it openly and frankly, without pussyfooting around it in many ever so nice words. We must root out the problem instead of applying Aspirin.
    I know that we have the support of every decent man on this issue – it being the global issue of violence against women which is rampant in every society and country although there is a hype right now to make it a specific problem of the Arabs and more precisely of the Muslims. Politics aside … it is a worldwide gender phenomenon no matter how one wants to paint it. And THIS must be addressed if we want to really solve it and make our societies a safe place for everyone.

    • Mohamed Patel

      I don’t understand why they did this. Did the woman do something to provoke them? Is she against the current president? Or was it some sexual perversion that made them do it?

      • Uuta

        I think it is a sexual perversion. Even in the US African-American ‘freedom’ issue, women traditionally have been put on the back burner. And during this past year here, Security has been so distracted that they had no time to address many other issues. But things are getting better here by the second. And, the sexual assault issue is being addressed head-on. How many presidents/PMs have you seen, Mohamed, who personally visit the victim in the hospital, bring her flowers, and tell her and all other Egytian women, that they will solve this issue. And then, immedately go out and form committees, alert police, etc, that this is a top priority? That’s good news.

      • Bystanding Witness

        Hi Mohamed – just saw your reply. We should first of all STOP blaming or questioning a victim’s behaviour – what can she possibly have done to “provoke” them into such actions? It’s an old and lousy excuse that “women provoked men into raping them”. ENOUGH! But even if she was wearing a decollete – does this give men the right to rape? No! BTW she was wearing the hijab so this is obsolete to discuss.
        It’s not sexual perversion in this case but revenche time by the Muslim Brothers in my opinion. These guys were nothing but paid thugs.
        I live in Egypt since quite some time and move in almost all levels of society to know perfectly well that Egyptian men in general are not rapists but curtious, caring, polite and decent human beings – no resemblance to the animals some want to make out of them.
        These thugs are NOT representative of Egyptian men. The best advise I could give the men of Egypt is: stand up and stand next to your women AGAIN like you did in the past. I do remember the days when just speaking indicent to a woman all men within earshot whould have told the man off if not even giving him a good beating.

        • Mohamed Patel

          Take a chill pill, even if she was dressed provocatively and that was the reason this happened she would not be responsible for it. I was just wondering what was going through their heads for them to do such a horrific thing.

          Asking what was the reason for them to do this doesn’t mean that I’m saying it’s her fault!

    • Uuta

      NOW you are sounding right. Bravo — you last post is very true. Right on, in fact.

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  • Ayman amr

    who’s that bitc* laughing at the studio ? , actually i’m totally against sisi supporters , but this is can’t be , this is so disgusting .
    retarded people

  • KalMD

    Repulsive! The main crossroads we are at now is do we:

    1. Just fine & Jail these animals.
    2. Fine, Jail & start a center for rehabilitation for both victims & a separate one for offenders.
    3. Hang them via Egypt’s current Death Sentence law, which would mean an amendment to harshen the current sexual harassment law. Still start rehabilitation centers.
    4. Force a death sentence only this one time to make an example of these animals and then harshen the current sexual harassment law to more than just a year/fine and start rehabilitation centers.

    The context is that 99% (most likely 100%) of Egyptian women whom have been surveyed admit that they have been sexually harassed at some time in their life. It is truly an epidemic so as much as I am inclined to sentence every person who does this to death, I feel like that would not be the best solution in the long run or would it completely rid us of this abhorable sickness that women must fear every time they leave their homes…Thoughts?

    • Bystanding Witness

      I do agree in principal with your points (except – see further up my answer with the links) it is not an “Egyptian only” problem.
      Personally I would advocate that in cases like this the death sentence should be handed down in order to state an example. And yes, I would opt to make the sentences in general even harsher as a possible deterrant. If you read the stats of the American Society “rainn” (above) then you’d see that the absolute majority of assaulters never serve one day in jail! I assume it’s the same here in Egypt without knowing any numbers.
      Rape and sexual assaults (against women, children and – yes! – men too) are NOT trivial offenses.
      We also need to educate and stop putting the blame on the victims and shame them for speaking out. Where I come from it used to be the very same and is at times still done – shaming and blaming the victims. This is so wrong! Equally we’d need hotlines/help centers where the victims can get professional help without prejudices.
      Let’s hope that this terrible incident serves as an eye opener to the legislative branch and something tangible gets done.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

      • KalMD

        I couldn’t agree more with you, the victim blaming needs to stop and that lady laughing and the station need to be reprimanded heavily. There needs to be a zero-tolerance message relayed.

        I spoke to a lawyer that gave me some perspective on how the current Sexual Harassment Law is setup on Tiers for example at work (up to 6 yrs with 55,000le fine), in the street (6 months with up to 6000le fine) etc… I am trying to find the official copy online so don’t quote me on those numbers. If someone can post it that would be great. However, no death sentence is mandated for even the highest tier of rape. At the same time, my understanding is that drug trafficking in Egypt is punishable by death sentence and I think rape/sexual assault is as big of an issue, if not bigger and should be given the same attention.

        Your point on hotlines/help centers is dead on. I know there are many ngo’s that can play a role here like “Ana Shoft Ta7horsh” Just throwing ideas out there and thinking out loud…what if:

        1. Be proactive to send a clear message- NGO’s like Shoft Ta7horsh can collaborate with the police once a week (Thursday/Friday night) and join them in high risk areas where known harassment happens. The police, in plain clothes, along with ngo members can observe, fine, & arrest those breaking the law immediately. My only worry with this is that it may incite more instability among men crazy enough to act like this to begin with, which could lead to kidnapping of women for example as a retaliation…you know?

        2. Confidential hotlines as you mentioned- To help those affected with the resources needed to move forward.

        3. Teaching the public to act- In this interview with the policeman who saved the girl’s life, he mentions that people were just standing around watching. I think this is a big problem. Finding a way to push people to speak up about this can be vital. Even if it means acting out fake sexual harassment incidents around random parts of the country and seeing if people will react then tell them we are shooting a video to promote awareness on the topic, record them, and put them up on youtube, send them to local broadcast stations. It’s risky I know, but might be effective…

        4. The current government, judges and police force has to come out and make a statement in full support of punishing these criminals to the full extent of the law.

        Btw, i couldn’t open your link. Thank you for your respectful & thoughtful comment. I hope more effective dialogue can occur in our country this way rather than all the yelling, even if people have differing opinions.

        • Bystanding Witness

          Thanks for this exchange – wish as you say that there is more of a constructive dialogue ;-). Sorry for the link – which one do you mean? Let me just repeat the Wiki link:

          And this is the one to RAINN:

          I’d like to come back to your comment later as I’ve got to run. Thanks!

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  • jr18496

    I can’t blame Israel for arming themselves to the tooth. This is a very dangerous neighborhood!

    • Bystanding Witness

      What the heck does Israel have to do with this?? Go check the rape statistics of Israel and the many hotlines and help centers they have established for [Jewish] women. Exactly what we need here too.

  • Joe Carano

    Reap. Reap years and years of silence, selfishness, and self indulgence. Silence towards the state oppressions, selfishness towards low classes, and indulgence in your own desires.

    And one day, when you feel it’s coming, you wake up so amazed of what you are seeing!

    Not only you are amazed by an eventual consequence to brutal oppression and demoralization of the low classes and slummers by the state in an obvious systematic scheme to create such animals to use them as leverage on the more civilized people, oh no, not only you are amazed, but you elected the same person who will forever ensure their existence. So pathetic.

    All egyptians are going to hell without judgement, head first.

    • Bystanding Witness

      Hi Joe – you seem to have a serious problem! Where were you in all these years? Did you go out to protest against the oppression? Did you live an altruistic life and refrained from self-indulgence?! C’mon!! And what’s with you and the “low classes” as you love to call those less fortunate? Those rapist criminals may as well be some spoiled brats from the upper echelon – also known today as nouveaux riches – who have everything and all their way and if not they go bunkers! Why don’t you reflect on this for a change and go get a life!!

      • Joe Carano

        Your jumpiness is just so… Flimsy. Makes everything you say so flimsy and flighty. Keep hitting shift + 1 for more exclamation marks, it might increase your credibility.

        What gave you the impression i am levitating above anyone else?

        Do you know me so you can be sure i did or didn’t do these tasks for egypt not to fall into this abyss of dark ages?

        Spoiled kids, rich kids, upper echelon, whatever, those are not the issue, and not the subject.

        I am talking about the MAJOR class of such criminals, which you know damn well are not from higher classes, and you know damn well are present because of the arrogance and blindness of our beloved military dictatorship. You just threw this “rich kids” interception because you don’t like what i am saying not because it’s relevant.

        These kids, will abide by law IF it got instilled (again, it is not instilled well because of our beloved state), and they are NOTHING in numbers or in need of mental rehabilitation like the others who have it as a “culture”, and wouldn’t understand otherwise, even if they got their “things” chopped off, because they are almost subhumans, and it’s almost not their fault, it’s ours! Wooow big difference isn’t it? Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!

        And you don’t get to tell me to reflect or get a life. Keep these boasting, empty, fake expressions of intellectual victory for another jumpy person like you: it might do.

        • Bystanding Witness

          Hi Joe! You like my explanation marks? Here are some more: I would agree with the basic message of your comment … but you give your true orientation away in a little side note …!!!!!!!!
          You have strung together “eloquent” words (LOL) and I truly hope you feel better now. Because feeling better is the result of … go get a life!

          • Joe Carano

            “Explanation marks” + side tracking + categorizing me = you are not worth the argument.You don’t just need a life, you need some basic education. I suggest you make a soup out of your degree, it will serve its purpose much better this way.

          • Bystanding Witness

            Hi Joe! Right you are – ad hominem attacks like yours are always and without exception the very last line of defense. Q.E.D.
            You seem to fit the bill of the category of “men” we’re talking about here – lack of respect for others because they don’t respect themselves. THAT is now a categorization from my side!

          • Joe Carano

            “Get a life” in your first comment and categorization there after is disrespect. And now you are the one who’s crying. We are done here.

  • Animals, whose behavior is sanctioned by their religion. God bless the brave men who helped her.

    • Bystanding Witness

      Sir, you’re obviously an ignoramus when it comes to religion. We don’t know whether these men were Christians and/or Muslims. Which ever way – neither one of the two religions sanction such behaviour in men – NEITHER ONE!! And if for a reason or another there would be Jews involved (highly unlikely though) let me just be clear on that too: Judaism doesn’t condone such behaviour either!
      This act has nothing at all to do with religion nor is it condoned and/or sanctioned by any of the three monotheistic religions. But it has everything to do with 1) either men who can’t keep their Testosteron under control or 2) were cheap scum who got paid to cause disruption (I think it’s safe to assume that 2) is correct)!
      Can you write this down 100 times and memorise it? Yes? Thank you!

      • Martian_Ambassador

        Lol, yes, statistically speaking the assailants must have been Coptic Christians. Wherever women are being sexually assaulted in public in Egypt, Islam is never to blame, “provocatively dressed” women are.

        All of the women of Egypt should be spirited away and replaced with goats and sheep worthy of the men of the country.

        • 3467495

          You disgusting and disgraceful human being how dare you judge and criticise and your assumptions are based on nothing!! You bring shame to humanity and everything we all stand for. Don’t you dare criticise.

          • Martian_Ambassador

            Lol. Go and screw a goat you fundamentalist apologist. You seem wound too tightly to be loose in polite society, as opposed to the Egyptian street.

            Q: How does one “walk like an Egyptian?”

            A: Barely limp as if penetrated at Tahir Square by a gang of really well hung rats in desperate need of a shave..

          • Bystanding Witness

            Just for the records … Sir … “go and screw” isn’t necessarily a befitting terminology in a polite society either …
            Going by your two postings above you seem to have some fantasies about sex with animals … there’s a medical term for this and maybe you should seek some help? There are excellent doctors here in Egypt …

          • Uuta

            Good for you, Bystanding. I hope the airport authorities take his name, and throw him in jail if he ever tries to come to Egypt. He won’, though – chicken.

            You are right about his sexual fantasies with animals. He is what we would call “chicken.”

          • Uuta

            Martian: every time I look up news on Egypt, I keep getting reports on Alexandria in the US. Gee, just today a 16 yr old boy was shot dead, someone was fished from the river, a bank was robbed, a woman raped……….and it goes on and on. Wow, Alexandria, US, seems like it is teaming with crime while the US president hides out in his office, playing ‘patsy’ and poker. And, of course, sneaking away to buy hamburgers, and neglecting the Benghazi US ambassador assassination 2 years ago — among a million other things.

            Q. How does one ‘walk like an American?’
            A. Left leg down, next step: skip forward on hard penis, third step: kick someone senseless left leg, fourth step rob the bank, rape the woman, and shoot the boy.

            Was the man Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Jewish? Who gives a flying fxxx?

            Martian: Go screw a dead rat with AIDS you bigoted apologist. Your fundamental, ignorant, arrogant ego sounds too tightly bound to be loose in any place — except a jail filled with well hung inmates.

            To anyone reading this blog: my criticisms apply ONLY to the “Ambassador from Mars.”

          • Devin

            OKAY, TROLL…

        • Bystanding Witness

          Sir! It seems to me you’re not only also ignorant when it comes to the teachings of (any) religion but you also seemingly have difficulties in comprehending what you read. Where exactly in my reply did I say that the assault “must have been [by] Coptic Christians”? Maybe I should repeat for clarity? NONE OF THE RELIGIONS (pay attention to the PLURAL) TEACHES SUCH BEHAVIOUR!!
          Unlike you – who’s obviously a lil’ Islamophobic! – I do always put the blame where it belongs: unto us human beings. You on the contrary blow into the very same horn as all manipulated and pre-disposed fanatic people of ALL relgions do – doesn’t say that much for you, Sir.

          I have nothing to do with institutionalized religions and, hence, don’t have the hang-up of having to blame “the other” – again … unlike you, Sir.

          Unfortunately I know of many cases of rapes and assaults against women (and children) here in Egypt – committed by Muslims as well as Christians; this incl. raping children of 5 years of age. Self-help groups are left with the task to help the victims as there are no institutions to help them! Egypt is no different than any other country in the world – just look at the Rape Statistics (; compare e.g. to the US ( where every 2 Min a sexual assault occurs.
          The thinking and behaviour of you “men” needs to change in every aspect with respect to women. But I can safely assume that it’s a waste of time talking to you on that level?!

          • Martian_Ambassador

            If the behavior in the video is proscribed by Islam, why did it occur?

            If a respect for women is prescribed by the Koran, and supplemental teachings and sayings, rather than misogyny, why are the victims of sexual violence so readily blamed for the lack of impulse control on the part of men?

            Don’t worry yourself for the answers, these questions are rhetorical.

          • Yumna Ali

            Well as Bystanding Witness stated before, we dont know the religion of the men in the video. Also, before you assume its Islam just because of the fact that Egypt is an arab country or something along those lines, Egypt contains a large population of people who, believe it or not, aren’t all muslims! And, as stated before, none of the three monotheistic religions condone or encourage harassment….So yes, I personally think that only people can be blamed for any type of harassment, whether it be sexual or abusive.

          • Martian_Ambassador

            Egypt is 91% Sunni Muslim.

            What does that make the odds that your sexual assailants in the case being discussed are Christians or Jews? That was my point about the Copts. Odds are that all of the alleged attackers are adherents to Islam.

            And why on earth are Egyptian Sunni leaders on the television rambling on about how women tempt men, as if the latter group has no concept of self-control?

            Do you regularly wear a burqa? If not, why not?

          • Uuta

            How can Egypt be 91% Sunni when 10% of the population is Coptic Christian???

            How do you know that was an Egyptian Sunni ‘Leader’? Besides Sunni, there are Shi’ia, MB, Salafi, Coptic…………….and the list goes on and on.

            “Women tempt Men’ is bull sh.. I agree with that. But I absolutely do NOT wear a burqa (which is a ‘niqab’ in Egypt, you idiot). Or even a hijab unless the wind is blowing. If I don’t wear it when the wind is blowing, in this extremely dry, hot climate, my hair breaks off.

            I live here. And I personally believe that, because the army has been so consumed with security issues (created by the MB beginning with Morsi), that they have simply not enough time or manpower to watch out for the other problems. Such as arrogant, disgusting men/youth who felt themselves empowered, to do such a terrible thing.

            But Prez al-Sisi seems to be on the right track. How many other presidents have personally visited a rape victim in the hospital — and were thoughtful enough to bring flowers AND a message of apology — to ALL Egyptian women — and a promise to eradicate this horrible issue? Most likely not YOUR president/PM — if people like you are harvested from his thinking.

          • Yumna Ali

            Well first of all, rape happens everywhere in the world and a lot of people, men especially, blame it on what a woman is wearing or that the woman tempted them (and thats just a whole load of crap) so even if the men were muslim, you can’t just assume Islam is a horrid religion or muslim men have no control because as I said before, rape happens everywhere. Also, the man on the television and the anchor woman are quite stupid for taking the matter lightly and/or blaming women.
            And no I don’t wear the burqa (although I don’t really understand what that has to do with anything lol). Why don’t I wear the burqa you ask? because I don’t want to? Also a burqa is not a requirement in Islam, it’s more of a cultural thing that some muslim women choose to wear.

          • Lisa Squier

            Dear M.A.:
            You ask rather silly questions for a supposedly reasonable person. Firstly, if respect for women is “prescribed” for ANY religion, then why do rapists (when polled) profess pretty much EVERY religion on this planet? Does that mean that they’re not rapists? Or that they DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THAT PART OF THEIR RELIGIOUS RULES???

            But you, like the people you vilify, are all about the hating, aren’t you? I dont KNOW the religion, so I’ll just go ahead and bash it…cause they ALL have to be bad. BS. Respect for the woman is as prevalent in the Qu’ran as it is in the Bible, the Torah, the Bhagavad Ghita, etc. Even on the temple walls in the ancient pyramids in Egypt. However, people who feel they are ABOVE the rules, whether religious, state, or otherwise, are ALSO prevalent.

            Do us all a favor, ok? If you’re going to PRETEND to be logical, then use a little REAL logic to do it with. Or at least a bit of education.

        • Devin

          @Martian_Ambassador, this is a ridiculous comment. I’m an American, and the exact same rationale is used here by CHRISTIANS to blame women for rape. If you look at any news article about a high-profile American rape case, you’ll find hundreds of comments from your average white, Protestant Christian Americans saying the woman was asking for it because of how she was dressed!!! This obviously has nothing to do with Islam. For context, I am not religious. I’m an American citizen who was born and raised here. I am half Mexican and half British-Irish, ethnically.

          • Martian_Ambassador

            It’s been seven months, and Islam is still roaming civilized society like a rabies virus polite people refuse to eradicate for good.

    • zilvermijn

      Paul B., first read both Bible and Quran, and then still you don’t have the right to judge but maybe you can form a more coherent opinion.

      • Feindflug66

        Read both. Stupid lunatic shit it is.
        Making good people do bad things.

    • Feindflug66

      First sentence: “Animals, whose behavior is sanctioned by their religion.” Blaming religion for men being stupid.

      Second sentence: “God bless the brave men who helped her.”

      Taking stupid religion to support the helpers.

      Religion makes humankind behave weird. O_o

  • Mad dogs are usually shot, aren’t they?

  • mara

    I think you should remove the video or at least hide the sequences in which her body is clearly shown…. It is so disrespectful towards this girl or any other women even if she hasn’t be harassed in such a khara way in her life.. you are contributing to feed gossip and morbo by doing so in stead of respecting this women. Egypt needs a new mindset….

    • Martian_Ambassador

      Nothing changes where Islam holds sway.

      • Bystanding Witness

        Just read your posting – my apologies that I addressed you in the first place. You definitely DON’T care whether or not a woman has been raped – the only thing that matters to you is NOT TO let pass by any opportunity to smash and trash a religion … Sir. As I concluded earlier: you’re nothing but an Islamophobe – very much like in the 1930’s in Europe when all the bad of society was squarely blamed on Judaism.
        I pitty you for having to lead such a miserable, indoctrinated, hateful life. It must feel terrible.
        Quod erat demonstrandum … there’s nothing to say to you anymore … Sir!

        • Martian_Ambassador

          Madame, it is abundantly clear these past five decades that Islam is self-trashing. Is it any great surprise that wherever Islam comes in contact with actual civilizations, whether that civilization is western, oriental, African, Hindu, Jewish, or even the vaguely “modern,” rather than mind numbing theocracies and strong man dictatorships, there is Islamic backed bloodshed?

          Islam is undeniably backward, an intellectual cesspool, and will not reform itself from within, so it must be forcibly contained from without.

          Finally, your attempted linkage of the historical persecution of Jews, and the laughable attempt to claim the mantle of victimhood for your medieval, and cribbed moon worshipping nonsense, is beneath contempt.

  • lorien

    i am so damn fed up of so called education for women, or the blames brought to them for the way they dress or creating more donkeys to be blamed for allowing the women to go to studies or work dressed in a certain way. it is the man that should be educated to restrain his damn pants on and start thinking with the head which God put on his shoulders. there is nothing saying a women should confined herself for a man to not be tempted. what the heck? is the man a primitive animal? can’t he uses his brain for anything more constructive? and they blame us for everything? little brats and frustrated creatures calling themselves men, when they never learned what is the meaning of it, because their fathers are so engrossed of making money, staying away from the house and ending up in coffee shops drinking tea and smoking shisha where they pretend to care about politics and businesses, while the woman is left to deal with everything else and, on top of them all, to put a tent over her head to be able to carry on with the duties she has: taking the children to and from the school, shopping, cooking, fixing, washing and so on.
    truth? a society which is not offering enough possibilities for a normal person to be able to survive and provide for the house will end up by having this kind of atrocities happening on daily basis, because there is no education among the people so they would be so damn easy to be manipulated through religion.

  • Kimberley K. Wells

    Please remove the video, this woman has suffered enough. Not only was she brutalized, but now her unclothed body is plastered all over the internet. Please dont perpetuate this woman’s pain. By all means report about the sick animals who did this and plaster their faces all over the internet so that the world may remember their faces.

  • Mr. Amin,

    I just wanted to let you know that the comments you made about women’s clothing choices, and clothing not being a matter of personal freedom, remind me of my youth in Lebanon, where I was surrounded, and indeed raised, by men who thought like you–more as judges of women then as their protectors, more as apologists of their primal libidos than as civilized men. It’s a terrible shame that some 40 years after that era, Egypt, through men like you, remains as regressive and insulting to women as you do. Clearly, you have no concept of freedom, your moral sense being too far below the gutter to give you the sort of perspective that would enable you to see, let alone say, what freedom means.

  • Pingback: Seven arrested over brutal rape and assault of women in Egypt’s Tahrir Square – Egyptian Streets()

  • michael

    That is the worse event I have ever come across , shame on you,
    I wish on day the sister or the mother of these wild crowed males be raped and treated the same way, then they will realise what they did to that poor lady, where were the securities to arrest them ??????

    • Juci

      Are you serious? How does an innocent woman’s suffering make this woman’s pain go away? How come you would punish the women associated with the men and not the men themselves?

      • michael

        dear juci . I am sorry to think this way, but I was so frustrated after watching this video that a lost my mind, of course I don’t wish no female to be treated this way, but these mobs should be punish so severe to understand the trauma this poor lady been thru, Please accept my apology

        • Juci

          Thank you for the apology. I share the anger and frustration you’ve felt but I feel very strongly that violence cannot be the answer to violence or the cycle will never end.

          • Sylvia Ayoub Gaines

            Michael unfortunately, these men that treated this woman that way likely treat their own women in the same way!

          • michael

            thank you for your understanding, I heart now that the police arrested seven of these monsters, I hope they will be punish as monsters and not as human been, the whole world is watching the outcome, and I will be pleased to see the maximum punishments

          • Uuta

            And unfortunately the incident ALSO involved the 19 yr old’s mother. Apparently it was the mother (possibly) the girl we saw. After her clothes were stripped, and while she was beaten, she tried to get away and fell over a small tea brewing stove. As a result, 25% of her body has been burned.

            This stuff has got to stop IMMEDIATELY.

    • Mhairi McAlpine

      Thats disgusting.

      Why are you wishing rape and violence on women?

      • michael

        please refer to my reply to juci,

    • JimRed

      Not their mothers and sisters, who did no wrong, but themselves, who deserve punishment.

  • SquareBanana

    This absolutely sick. Those men just stood there and watched as an innocent woman was stripped and beaten. Just a bunch of low-life scum bags who need to be castrated, then stripped and beaten themselves. I didn’t realize I could be this angry so early in the morning.

    • Aldo Cervelli


  • Uuta

    Horrible — for that poor woman. And shame on this newspaper for posting the video. Such sexual harassment SHOULD be brought to the public’s attention, but you (this newspaper) should ALSO be arrested for sexually harassing her further by posting this video.

    How do you think she feels NOW that you are helping the entire world see her shame? &*$%# For her, this has got to be worse than going to court and having to testify that you were raped. SHAME ON YOU. And take this damn video off your website.

    • shems

      The shame is not on the victim, but on her attackers. The victim cannot be identified in this video so it is unlikely to increase her troubles, but it calls important attention to the horrific behavior of the men who attacked her and those who did not defend her. It is important for the media to bring wrong doing to light. All the shame here belongs to the men of Egypt. Let me repeat. This is not her shame. She is blameless. The shame is on the men who treat women with such violent disregard.

      • Uuta

        I completely agree with you, shems. But this is the Middle East and not the West. SHE will know what happened, her family will know — and all of the friends and family of the assaulters will know because they will brag about it. I hope this woman is strong enough to believe that she can overcome this terrible incident. And I hope her attackers get the book, block, cage, and jail dumped on their heads, in a strong, strong, way. THEY are such low sorts of human beings that I can’t even think of them as human beings.

        • shems

          We are clearly of similar minds, and sadly, it appears, some similar experience. You seem to understand why it is important to avoid victim blaming and the appearance of victim blaming. You will hopefully also understand my perspective that culture needs to be set aside for the requirements of basic human dignity. Anywhere in the world, the victim should not be forced to take on the shame of her (or his) attackers. This needs to end, everywhere. And I, on my end, concede that the media should edit the video to be more respectful to the victim, in a way that wont diminish the seriousness of the crimes we are fighting.

          • Uuta

            Yes, we are of similar minds and experiences. Thanks for your vote of confidence in wanting the media to edit the video.

            Hopefully, as I see that Sisi wants to take serious action against this, this will help the lady (and others) in her mental predicament. I for one, am DEFINATELY going to the anti-sexual harassment rally being held at Tahrir this Saturday.

            Thanks, Shems.

    • Sieben Stern

      SRSLY? there is no shame on the woman, only the animals that attacked her and those that stood around and watched!
      She did nothing wrong!

      • Uuta

        Believe me, she is feeling it. And believe me, I KNOW she did nothing wrong. But as someone who has suffered sexual assault in the US, I can understand how she would feel. It takes a while to get it straight in your head that you were not at fault. And it is an undercurrent type of thing. You tell yourself you weren’t at fault, your head believes it — but the hardest thing to get rid of is an unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach.

        And her feelings would be amplified many times as stuff like that is looked at differently here. I just hope she can overcome her own feelings, get it straight in her head that she is not to blame — and that newspapers will stop posting the entire video as they did here. Some newspapers cut out the body shots, and that is much better as it illustrates the problem, but does not show the body parts.

    • Aldo Cervelli


      • Uuta

        Guess you haven’t been reading the news lately. Guys are even being jailed for lewd comments to women. That is good because this cycle must be broken.

        “Shame on Egyptian people for allowing it to happen?” I remember during Morsi’s time it was happening all the time and the police weren’t doing anything. So the Egyptian people picked up the slack and started beating the sh*t out of perpetrators. I was assaulted once (not raped) and an entire street of merchants left their goods to catch the guy and they beat him up.

        Before condemning the “Egyptian people” any more you should know these facts (above). I’ve watch SVU (Special Victims Unit) on TV. I know the stories are not based on real facts, just general ideas. If this is true, then it seems like you have a lot of sicko sexual molesters in New York.

      • Uuta

        Shame on you. Clean up your own society first. And remember, that yours (probably) hasn’t been thru 3 years of revolution, and one year of MB rule. THAT was when things really fell apart.

  • tarek mohamed

    i was there in the first two assaults and i sware the whole croud wasnt trying to help her but to haressment her and nake her i have her blood on my shirt
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was helping her me and my friend who has been hit in is head

    • Gee El Shaikh

      hi Tarek, is there a way to contact you?

    • michael

      Good on you young man, God bless you for trying to help that young lady

    • Boshra kurdi

      is that cc’s people 🙂 ?? , and did they really rape her ? or just made her naked !

      • Zaina- Best

        What difference does it male? They actually harassed her, stripped her naked, and beat the living daylight out of her. She’s all bruised up with blue patches all over. The damage is the same. They need to be castrated

      • Bystanding Witness

        Are you one of the MBs who try to pin everything on the new President? Can’t get over your “loss”? Thought you’d be mourning for a week?
        More important – why on earth should anyone of “CC’s people” committ such a horrendous crime? Always ask for a motive and the Muslimbrothers are the only one who threatened to disrupt the festivities with criminal acts and are the ONLY ones who could profit from such horrendous acts!

    • Lisa Squier

      You are a good friend, trying to help her in the middle of a crowd. May the God you worship rain blessings upon you, your friend, and this woman all three. And may there be many more who behave as you did.

      • Tarek Mohamed

        thx 😀

  • Shereef Zohdy

    That dumb mentally retarded in-studio anchor woman, who is passing such idiotic remarks in the background, laughing her head off, and apparently thoroughly enjoying herself MUST be immediately suspended and banned from any media appearance for life.
    The TV Channel has to be likewise harshly penalized!!

    Such primitive irresponsible conduct cannot be let pass-by unnoticed!!!

    • Bystanding Witness

      Hi Shereef! Thank you for your open words. I’m embarassed as a woman that another woman can make such dumb and insulting remarks. I wonder what she (the anchor woman) would say if she were the victim?! She would sure raise hell.
      I fully support you on your notion to suspend this woman and that the TV Channel has to be penalized for letting this happen. There’s simply NO excuse for her behaviour and for the TV Channel to condone it by letting it stand the way it is!!
      Thanks for standing up for what can be the only just path!!

  • Yolanda Moerkens

    Stripping and assaulting a woman has nothing to do with men being happy. Same with going to university, women can choose the way they want to dress and this doesn’t give men the freedom to assoult them. What’s this for kind of nonsence Amin? By saying this you mean men cannot control themselves and are savages? Happy with this new law and hope they will be punished hard!

    • Kimberley K. Wells

      Rape is not about sex, it is about control. This was not a lone male attacking a woman on the street, this was a mob with a mob mentality who thought because everyone else was doing it that is was ok that they join in, or not do a damn thing about it.

      • PRAFTD

        Ugh, when will people stop saying this. Rape is rape. Sometimes it’s about sex. Sometimes it’s about power. Sometimes it’s a spur of the moment choice with no real thought going into it.

        The whole “rape is about control” thing is just a dumb feminist claim made years ago that, for some reason, some women started to cling onto. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back the claim up. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

        Rape is almost always about men wanting sex. Very rarely is it a simple power play.

        However, this situation was neither about sex or power. This was crazed, frothing mob mentality. Nothing more and nothing less. There was no bad intent, just an unthinking mob.

        Saying that rape is “about control” just shows ignorance. Please refrain from spreading that myth like it is a fact.

        • Schmoogalicious

          Baloney. Studies have clearly shown that men rape for power. Many male rapists are married or have consensual sexual partners. It is not about sexual desire.

          • Feindflug66

            Just shut the fuck up and provide evidence, dear feminist party. Where are your peer reviewed papers to back up your opinion?

        • Ann Veja

          Rape IS about power. A male is physically stronger than a female – well, in most of the cases – so if he wants something he can and often does take whatever he wants, because he knows he can. Do you think person A seeing, that person B in front of him is stronger than A, would attempt, let’s say for the sake of the case, raping B because A just simply wants sex? And if to go deeper into the psychology of people (let’s call them A) who force other people to do something what they do not want – these people (A) always operate on the perception that their needs are most important and world is there to serve them first of all. In other words they feel as if they own everything. So if it is not power and control issues, I don’t know what is that then… (we are not talking here about cases of mentally disabled rapists)

          • PRAFTD

            Yup, the man who sees and unconscious woman at a party, clearly has sex with her to “control” her.

            Believe it or not, almost all rapes do not involve a man jumping out of the shadows and subduing a woman. Most involve drunken or unconscious sex where the woman doesn’t even resist or realize it until the next day.

        • Kristina

          PRAFT- you are 100% wrong and uninformed. Wrong without exception. Numerous studies have shown that rape is about power, not sex.

          • PRAFTD

            What studies? Provide them. Please also provide source citations, the methodology of the study, and all those involved in the study.

            A simple webpages that you googled does not cut it. I want a peer-reviewed, scientifically backed paper.

            I will tell you straight off, there have been numerous studies on the issue, all stating different things. There is absolutely no consensus that rape is about “control”.

            Rape has, and always will be, an act to be judged on a case-by-case basis.

  • I can only hope that Egyptian Police are able to identify the responsible men from the video clips and make examples of them under the new law. Mustapha Tahir @MustaphaTahir


Lama Al-Arian is a senior at American University in Washington, DC, studying Broadcast Journalism, Cinema and Arabic.

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