What’s Wrong With This Advertisement? It Has A Muslim Woman In It.

What’s Wrong With This Advertisement? It Has A Muslim Woman In It.

Jeep recently aired a 1:31 minute advertisement at the Superbowl in the United States. Moments after it aired, certain social media users expressed outrage at the advertisement, calling it offensive for the two seconds it featured a Muslim woman.

Despite it moving through the global community, featuring scenes from The Great Wall of China, deserts of the Middle East and more, a certain segment of social media users had felt the inclusion of a Muslim woman was insulting and ‘un-American’.


However, not all responses were negative.

What are your thoughts about the television advertisement? Is it all blown out of proportion?

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  • Ignoranceisnotbliss

    Being offended about having a Muslim woman there is like saying all Americans are ignorant hicks! Neither one is right and This proves how many uneducated ignorant people there still are in the world!!

  • DuchessofDownton

    We’re allowed to express our opinion in this country. And the prevailing opinion seems to be that we’re sick and tired of hearing how peaceful Muslims are while our countrymen continue to be slaughtered by them.

    • Between the Lines


      You need to do some reading.

      You can start with this:


      • DuchessofDownton

        I can already read. Probably better than you because I read everything. If Muslims do not like it, Muslims, all of them, can get out of my country. BARRING THAT, why aren’t any of the “peaceful” “loving” Muslims banding together and speaking out against their more violent but “in the minority” bretheren? Is THAT in your article or no?

        I thought not.

        Oh. and by the way… the latest beheading by a Muslim… that was just DAYS ago. When was the last time a Christian burned anyone at the stake? Yeah, I thought so.

        • Between the Lines

          Get out of YOUR country ?
          So you own a country now ?
          Haha…get off the “weed”.
          Gradually….so you won’t pose a danger to anyone. 🙂

          • DuchessofDownton

            Only losers do weed. I’m not a loser nor do I want the number of your dealer so stop texting me.

          • freedomwriter

            . true muslim people don’t consider those terrorists to be muslims. and by the way, you’re abusing the “this is a free country we can say whatever we want.” you want a better america, but you and people like you destroy that ideal” you’re a hypocrite.

          • DuchessofDownton

            If you don’t like my country’s “ideal”, do us all a favor and get out.

      • DuchessofDownton

        Here we go… more proof of your “peaceful, loving” religion: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/02/breaking-isis-burned-jordanian-pilot-alive-in-a-cage/

        • Between the Lines

          I see them executing their own Muslim in active conflict. He is a fighter pilot. It’s war happening there.
          Who do you execute in death row ?
          Scarecrows ?
          Who dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing millions of innocent civilians ? Muslims ?
          Off the “weed” lady……

  • Chester Lewis

    I think it was an inappropriate use of the song.

    What I particularly like about that song is that it celebrates our country and our culture just for being what they are. No comparisons, no sense of superiority. I think diversity is beautiful and ought to be appreciated, but I also think it’s right and healthy to love our own country best. I’m not just talking about Americans. An American should love America more than any other country; but a Brazilian should love Brazil best, and an Indian should love India, and an Egyptian should love Egypt. It’s like being married. A man is right to think there are many beautiful and admirable women in the world. But each man ought to think his wife is the best one of all. When he stops thinking that, all is not well in Denmark.

    The song can properly be considered a love song to our own country. Trying to apply it to the whole world strikes a lot of people in the same light as if you took a love letter you wrote to your wife and published it online as an open letter to all womankind. You may mean well, but your wife would probably feel insulted and un-loved.

    Diversity is beautiful. But it only exists because Americans are Americans and not Egyptians; because Egyptians are Egyptians and not Chinese. Nowadays the message that we need to appreciate diversity is trumpeted very loudly all around us. In our rush to be tolerant, there is less and less space allowed for us to take simple pleasure in the fact of being the peculiar nation we are. I think a lot of people can’t identify this pressure as the cause of their anger, so the anger latches onto a more tangible focus (in this case, the Muslim woman in the montage). It is easy to confuse a racist who hates other people for being different with a normal person who loves their own people best, particularly when they’re both angry.

    The paradoxical thing is that we can’t even delight in the otherness of someone else’s culture if we don’t love our own. We end up tediously tolerating things that ought to fill us with wonder.

    On a side note, I think it made matters worse that so many of the commercials this year took a lecturing tone. We were told to make sure our kids didn’t die, stop domestic abuse, lose weight, be better parents, and even offered free food to tell our relatives we loved them – which is a great technique for training dogs, McDonalds, but rather insulting to apply to humans. Somebody should remind corporate America that it is not our mother.

  • urnotdave

    Nothing wrong with what I saw……….. last I heard, there is only one race, and that is the human race!!

  • Kj6182

    Little by little, more and more of Islam will be shown during the superbowl until it’s completely normal for everyone. And the haters will accept it whether they like it or not

  • Between the Lines

    To the bigoted dissenting voices….. Yes, this Land is MY Land……says ALL Native Americans.

  • The same thing happened last year with the Coca Cola ad. One interesting thing to note this time is that the song itself was originally intended to refer just to America, so a lot of people are saying Jeep is misinterpreting the song by implying that the “Land” refers to the World. I personally think it was a pretty clever way to align the US-specific lyrics with shots of the US and the reel out the rest of the song to the world, in a sort of beautiful unification.

  • Ralph Hawkins

    I’m relatively certain that the people who claim they are so “offended” by this ad, have never even met a Muslim. Small minded hateful racists are never in short supply.

    • dinadina

Quick clicks. Making it lighter.

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