Egypt Executes Man For Throwing Children Off A Rooftop

Egypt Executes Man For Throwing Children Off A Rooftop

The accused.
The accused.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry said it executed by hanging a man on Saturday, after he was handed a final death sentence for an incident involving throwing “children” off a rooftop.

Footage showing a man throwing a boy off a building on July 5, 2013 created an uproar following the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood after mass protests against his rule.

One of the youths thrown from the roof, Hamad Badr who had just turned 19, died in hospital.

This was at the height of tension caused by Morsi’s overthrow, which had only taken places two days before.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the execution comes in “implementation of judicial rulings, after all stages of litigation have been exhausted, deeming them final…”

Hamad Badr, 19, died in hospital after being ‘thrown off the roof’.

The man was tried alongside 62 other defendants accused of violence in Alexandria’s Sedi Gaber neighbourhood. He was sentenced to death in March, 2014, while the rest were handed lengthy prison terms.

In February, Egypt’s Court of Cassation turned down a request for retrial, effectively upholding all sentences and leaving no room for any further appeals.


The execution is the first since the ouster of deposed President Mohammed Morsi, and is the first officially announced execution in recent years.

Violence erupted nationwide in July 2013 following Morsi’s military ouster, as his supporters protested calling for his reinstatement.

This article is by Aswat Masriya and was edited by Egyptian Streets

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  • Aldo Cervelli

    AWBAL EL BAYEE ….. SO HAPPY THAT THEY HAVE HANGED THE BASTARD ….. I HOPE EGYPT WILL CONTINUE TO BE STRONG AND GET RID OF ALL THE M.B. ,,,They are trouble makers …. they do not follow the Muslim religion …….

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed

    This barbarian with the black flag is a hoax. He and his goon friends are hired thugs ordered to kill these innocent youth to make it look like the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible. Egypt will never see peace so long as the military-backed government continues to hire thugs to do their dirty work.

    • NY LES

      Keep telling yourself that. He is as MB as they come

    • Mervet

      nobody believes this anymore dear MB member. always trying to sell your stories by being the victim. save your words and start being an egyptian

    • morgan9

      The ‘hired thugs’ were no doubt bought by the MB to fulfill the televised threat of bloodshed by Morsi, himself! No need for ‘others’ to hire thugs when the MB has enough to do the job. The only hoax was Morsi and the MB using politics to implement a theocratic dictatorship… i.e. they outright LIED to the people; hence, the people gave the military their blessings to get them out. Good riddance and may you all hang!!

    • Wessam Ahmed

      You’re brainwashed and absolutely lost. I don’t know why your pointless comment is still sitting here. Take your bullshit out of this country.

  • random

    fucking animal


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