First Glimpse At Egypt’s New Capital City

First Glimpse At Egypt’s New Capital City

Photographs have been released across social media providing the first glimpse at Egypt’s new capital city, which was confirmed earlier this month.

The photographs, taken inside the conference centre of Egypt’s Economic Development Conference (EEDC), appear to show a mock-up of the city.

Skyscrapers, villas, large green parks and lakes appear to feature dominantly in the mock-up of the new capital city.

Earlier this month, Egypt’s Minister of Investment Ashraf Salman had announced that Egypt would reveal  its plan for the country’s at the EEDC, which kicks off on Friday March 13 at Sharm El-Sheikh.

Another mock-up of the new city.

“We’re talking a very big city. It is just the size of New Cairo itself … It is the ‘new New Cairo’,” said the Minister to The National.

The Minister added that the city, which will be 70,000 acres, will take 12 years to build and will be built to the east of Cairo near Ain El-Sokhna.

While it is not clear who will be responsible for the construction of the city, reports in February on Bloomberg revealed that UAE’s Emaar is in negotiations with the Egyptian government to build the new capital.

Plans to build the new city were first announced by Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb in July 2014.

The proposed city would aim at transferring Ministries, government buildings and foreign embassies from down-town Cairo to the new capital and would be established on the Suez-Cairo-Ain Sokhna road.

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  • Concern, Egypt dependent “foreign investment shall (Egyptian architects have privy) of styles. Not exclusive decision from “Gulf inc, whom obsess with high rises whom going live new capital? Housing,Utilities and Urban Development and New Urban Communities have interest of development ill conceived concept be successful. Egyptian ministers demolish the slums of Egypt this impossible charge rent to peasants old traditions a shame! Gulf region failed to hire talent: from “Ummah” always emulating western concepts now trying “Dubailization of Egypt! 12yrs.over budget probably a century due: corruption revision is needed what happen. Emir Jabar City of central “Egypt: signature cities why?

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  • Wessam Ahmed

    Oh God. I wish people would learn the basics of the English language before posting on a website mainly targeting a bilingual audience. Whatever. If you can’t see the point in the new regime’s efforts to develop this country, and I believe said efforts are unprecedented… A new fucking city, a nuclear plant, an economical summit attended by hundreds of diplomats from around the world, plans to further strengthen Africa’s strongest military, stronger ties to the East rather than the West, he even put the U.S. in a chokehold when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs. What “bullshit” are you referring to, exactly? The only bullshit I see here is the negativity you’re sprouting without strong evidence to justify i other than our country’s history of failures, which this new elected president is aiming to fix. If you don’t see the point, get the hell out of the country. It’s really that simple! It’s easier than ever to get a visa, and if you believe corruption is at an all-time high these days, I don’t think it’ll prove difficult to get your hands on some money for a plane ticket. A one-way ticket. I’d say step one in regards to this reform would be kicking out people with that mindset.

    Your objections contribute nothing. You contribute nothing. You’re not a vital part of the community to be able to say this goes and this doesn’t. And until you’re able to contribute, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and watch the big boys play the game the way it should be played. Half of you don’t know the first thing about politics yet you’re over here displaying your intelligence that supposedly surpasses that of the military or the government for that matter. I couldn’t care less about politicians, I see a guy who wants to secure a second term in office, not by looting and whipping votes, but by making fucking improvements. And if a vote is all I can give him, then I will.

  • Skeptic

    To anyone who thinks this is a great idea, due to the congestion and pollution of Cairo, just imagine if other old historic countries decided to move from their old historic capitals such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, Washington DC etc.

    • Wessam Ahmed

      Only Washington DC started out just the way this city is starting… Your argument is flawed. Your post is a waste of my Internet bandwidth.

  • Abu Nawas

    Honestly the idea behind the project is a good one. Egypt is in dire need of modern new cities to facilitate its ever rising population (which really should stop increasing at such a rate!). However I dislike the idea of moving the capital. Why invest so much money in building a new parliament, ministries etc. Basically a government which hasn’t done a lot for its people is investing in itself once again. If you build a new fancy city why not just build a new city and not a new capital… maybe include some solar powered desalination plants…

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  • awagih

    Some ignorant nut cases are criticizing the project without having the right background/specialization or having enough information! To all of you showing your ignorance I say: “go smoke “Shisha” better investment of your time”

  • Yasmina

    It saddens me so much to see a people loose so much faith in their own country. I have been living in Egypt now since 2010 and I have chosen this country to be my home over even my birth one (Canada). Although I may not have lived here my entire life my heart has definitely been with this Country for the most part of it. Yes there are major issues that need to be rectified other than simply building a new City however, there has to be a beginning and as for the majority of citizens of this country who make little to no money, people must understand that a project on this scale that will take this long will create jobs for them which will raise the country’s economic state and assist in being able to invest in itself. There is a chance for growth here, for change and for hope and there are enough people in the world, mostly the west that are against this beautiful Country that its own people should be standing proud and support any opportunity there is for a better future for not only themselves but for their children. Before simply saying it cannot and will not work because of so and so. If that is your true believe of this then why not take action and do your part to insure that it does. Its easy to be critical but it takes effort to actually make a difference and it is your duty as Citizens of such a beautiful Country to do something about it. I myself, have left my place of birth to move here because of the love that I hold so dear for this Country and my only wish is that I can do my part in making it as great as it deserves to be, as the people deserve to have it inshaAllah

  • Troyan

    This is if at all succesful Egypt becoming a project for Gulf states.

    Rich Arabs, Egyptians can move there, and Alexandria, and CAiro left to rot in squalor.

    When the Ottomans did it, at least they re-invested the money in Egypt, and the Suez Canal, which still generates income.

    I dont think this time it eill be like that somehow!
    I hope I am wrong.

    • Wessam Ahmed

      They’re dedicating billions toward developing different cities. What are you talking about? And yeah, you’re wrong. Don’t waste your breath.

    • Sally Wilton

      Except that they won’t go and live in that city. It might start but will run out of money as they realise people won’t be buying the apartments, therefore the shops won’t be put in, therefore the infrastructure won’t be affordable. It cannot work and is a waste of resources

  • nothing

    Problem as usual. Always building the new and never cleaning or fixing the old. Like a little kid, plays with a toy for a bit then throws it to the side for a new one. As usual, got our priorities wrong!

    • blah blah blah

      Yes. We shouldn’t expand. Let’s just raise the population density and traffic congestion.

      Because populating the 90% that does not lie in the Nile Valley is such a shitty idea.

    • Logic.

      Cairo’s infrastructure is so far gone, that it would cost them more to attempt playing with its layout than plan something from scratch. If they try fixing cities as old as Cairo or Alexandria, they need to demolish more than half the city. It’s not something ‘fixable’. If they meddle with the old city, chances are they’ll be spending billions upon billions only to screw things up further – they would make it uninhabitable, without any alternatives. Egypt would be fucked.

      The ‘little kid’ analogy is pretty demented.

    • Wessam Ahmed

      People have been criticizing the government for ages for not making endeavors toward building new infrastructure. And now that they are, you’re saying they should instead deploy all the money for one purpose? Are you kidding me? Well, I hope you’re never put in charge of a household.

  • Omar Mohamed Youssef

    Country with A LOT of financial issues decides to invest what’s left of it’s income into a 12 year project to build a fancy new capital. Oh the irony!

  • Mcgaboor

    It may look cool now, but in 5 years it will be run down. The problem is not the building, it’s that there is no system or adherence to a system laws. What an enormous waste of energy and lack of foresight

    • Wessam Ahmed

      We’d all love to hear your superior ideas that you’ve formulated through obtaining various degrees in politics and finance.

  • Hussayn Hilal

    “Skyscrapers, villas, large green parks and lakes appear to feature dominantly in the mock-up of the new capital city.”
    u love the idea hah? think of the majority who make $1,500 a year and how they like their new capital. bunch of self-centred shortsighted selfish idiots!

    • Wessam Ahmed

      You put a dollar sign there, smartass.

  • Guest

    The new capital is very exciting and it is a indeed great move. But I wish the new capital was located further east, because Cairo is too close and is still going to be the focal point, and the new capital will be swallowed by it. Does anybody agree me with me on this?

    • Brown

      I completely agree with you. This is frankly speaking an expansion of Cairo. To me it could have been an interesting proposal if the new capital was located on a completely new site several tens of kilometers from Cairo somewhere along the Nile in central Egypt.

    • Essam

      We believe in our country Ahmad Ali and we know is on the right track we have to do our best for the good future expected . In case you are unnoticed because you are unemployed only send me your cv I shall offer you a job

      • Guest

        You know that building a new capital so close to Cairo will doom it.

    • Sally Wilton

      Yes they should locate it as far away from water and infrastructure as possible, therefore making it so expensive that only the most wealthy will buy properties there.

      • Guest

        What I mean, is to locate the new capital far from Cairo, and not from water resources and infrastracture. And no, the new capital should not be the domain of the elite and the rich.

  • hziada

    are numerous problems with this proposed city, starting with the fact
    that foreign investors / developers get to see it before the citizens
    of the country can see their future capital and discuss its merits / demerits for their social, economic and political futures. Contractually: the Emirati developer seems to be already decided
    outside any legitimate bidding process) . How is this supposed to found an age of transparency and democracy when the very fabric of people’s lives, their main city which will decide their policies, is beyond their decision-making and with no clear oversight by an elected parliament/ body of any kind? And how is this really different from the deal that Morsi had with Qatar over the Suez Canal?
    In fact, it feels like the 19th century all over again, when the
    current downtown European city was built with no input from the people
    in whose name it was supposedly built. There is a scary lack of framing for this and all other
    projects at Sharm in terms of social context and political implications. A city of towers and villas can hardly accommodate the lower income groups, many of whom – in their hundreds of thousands – actually work in the moving ministries. Are they going to be stranded in transportation all day long to get there? More service cars? Or more specialized bus lines for each ministry? More energy consumption? Sustainability?

    Besides, this city is a continuation of a
    failed policy since the 1970s to build high cost urban settlements
    outside Cairo proper that have repeatedly failed to attract large numbers of residents
    because of lingering socio-economic issues. Why would it work now when
    it didn’t before?
    money without oversight / accountability is a sure recipe for intense
    corruption. happened before, and will happen again – always without

    • Sally Wilton

      Great comment. I was horrified when I saw this plan. It is as if a bunch of mad people sat around a table and tried to drum up some plan to attract foreign money without thought or consideration. I feel sorry for Egyptians, in particular those who have such irrational belief that their leaders are trying to do something for their benefit.

      • Kimo

        We if it is a failed project then foreign investors are not, I assume stupid and will shy away from the project? America is full of “Skyscrapers, villas, large green parks and lakes” but also full of poverty stricken suburbs and ghettos !!!
        All the comments here are mostly in disagreement (I am not going to label them negative), what would any of you propose to do for the country if you were running it?
        Having said the above I can see both sides of the arguments …..

        • Sally Wilton

          If I was running the country the number one thing I would do is to ensure that land rights are fully enforced for all the millions of people who own properties. That way each person with land would be able to go to the bank with his certificate of ownership and borrow for irrigation, seeds, fertilizer, improvements, building work. The country would be transformed by this one thing. After this I would rid Egypt of the business licensing laws which cause most of the corruption by middle bureacrats who make business peoples lives a misery. I would make sure that all government tenders are offered nationally. I would de nationalise all the sugar refining companies, the cotton mills, sell off the government owned land to private individuals. i would free up the country for the business people and land owners. I have a million ideas for improving Egypt and none of them revolve around Glory projects such as that Idiot Sissi loves so much

      • blah blah blah

        We certainly needed a person like you to read the minds of our leaders.

    • blah blah blah

      “How is this supposed to found an age of transparency and democracy when the very fabric of people’s lives, their main city which will decide their policies, is beyond their decision-making and with no clear oversight by an elected parliament/ body of any kind?”

      Democracy is overrated as the majority are idiots. Nevertheless, if you think democracy takes place anywhere, then you’re part of the majority.

      “And how is this really different from the deal that Morsi had with Qatar over the Suez Canal?”

      Did anyone claim it was “different”? We just hate Morsi and Qatar.

      “In fact, it feels like the 19th century all over again, when the current downtown European city was built with no input from the people
      in whose name it was supposedly built.”

      Tell me more about your experiences in the 19th century in Europe. Jokes aside, I hope you realise that the Industrial Revolution took place in the 19th century in Europe. That is a positive point you’ve made there.

      ” A city of towers and villas can hardly accommodate the lower income groups, many of whom – in their hundreds of thousands – actually work in the moving ministries. Are they going to be stranded in transportation all day long to get there? More service cars? Or more specialized bus lines for each ministry? More energy consumption? Sustainability?”

      A valid point you’ve made there. How do you connect the low-income workers living far to energy consumption? Transportation? But how ‘consumptive’ would “specialized” transportation be? Knowing that most of these low-income workers don’t live right across the ministries anyway, the transportation they would use in Cairo would probably consume much energy as well; city driving and traffic congestion consume a lot of energy, if that’s what you meant.

      Many of the low-income workers would disagree with you because building a new city creates jobs.

      “Besides, this city is a continuation of afailed policy since the 1970s to build high cost urban settlements
      outside Cairo proper that have repeatedly failed to attract large numbers of residents
      because of lingering socio-economic issues. Why would it work now when
      it didn’t before?”

      The Arab “Spring” 😉

    • Wessam Ahmed

      Democracy put an ignorant Islamist lunatic in power. Are you wondering why citizens aren’t given that much access? Because like you, they’re mostly blind, uneducated, negative, and don’t know what they’re talking about. Put more effort into your arguments, at least try to convince me. All I’m hearing is conspiracy theories.

  • Ralph Hawkins
  • bullshit as usual 😀

    • Karim Nagati

      Kefaya negativity ba2a er7amona, enta 3aysh leeh yabny?

      • Za3bola

        Enshaf yaba

    • ahmed ahmed

      Ahmad Alfy is clearly a negative idiot, grow up and have faith mate

      • OK mate, stay positive I hope it turn out good for you 🙂 Good luck

        • khalid

          They think they can be positive, with injustice and tyranny. The main push they perceive is the delusion of conspiracy. The same ridiculous mistakes. 60 years of regression and they think it will yield a prosperous country. Any country lacking justice will never prosper unless it finds a treasure as the gulf countries, which is of course temporary.
          Goodluck Egyptians supporting SCAF. It will work exactly as it did before for the past 60 years. Wonder how bad it will be 60 years from now. Egypt was relatively rich before the military rule, now it is struggling. Hope it will not be worse than Somalia

          • blah blah blah

            The justice of the British rule was exemplary, eh?

          • Sally Wilton

            Its not about one side being better than another, they are all rubbish, every one of them. Egypt needs elected leaders who want to improve the country but most of all are monitored by the public, by the newspapers, TV and outside bodies to ensure that they always act in the interest of the people and not themselves or their pals.

          • 123xxy

            That is exactly what is happening and we love it. If you are blind open your eyes, if you don’t like Egypt there are many airlines that can take anywhere you want. But if you are a MB supporter then I may understand you and hope you find peace and logic one day.

          • Sally Wilton

            Logic is not your strong point honey

        • Amr Ali

          You know what, i laugh very very hard when I hear you saying this shit. You all think the wrong way. Egyptians will never change ever if they have no hope, making everything funny…. You know what would would happen if morsi stayed, egypt would have been like iraq and syria….. I am an egyptian and i know we have big problems, but let us take a look at egypt. LONGEST, RICHEST history in the whole fucking world. And you know what, if any other egyptians see you mocking the egyptian army like that, they would have killed you. Okay, you say killing happens and nothing happens. Ok, let me remind you. When fucking daesh killed 21 egyptians in libya, who went and killed 59 terroists of daesh in libya. Who stands all the night and morning and during ramadan in the burning sun just to protect you. Who risks his life for you to live. Is that how you repay them you dumbass???! Really!? i do not believe that you served egypt in egyptian army. let’s talk about bassem yousseff. Well first, bassem youseff is not funny at all and makes channels lose many money because people are not watching him. My conclusion is that egypt is the oldest country in the whole world and its army is the oldest army ever and history says, oldest country will never fall, it may seem for people that it is falling by everything happening in it but it is still standing on very wet and cold and hot floor and will not fall. Sisi, is معرض to be killed any time and Still, he is serving his country like a man. Like sadat, some group of sheep with the help of fucking america killed him and u know what i mean by group of sheep. All of the egyptians know that this plan will work 100% but some sheep think that it will not work because they want a big fat sheep back (morsi). All i want to say that egypt is the strongest country in the whole world, stronger than america and every country and it is able to face its enemies very very good. And i am nit saying this sentence, history, the world and ALLAH is saying that. One last sentence: I do not think you have served egypt in the great egyptian army. I believe you are from the group of sheep of the muslim brother hood (e5wan)..

          • I am tired and sick of responding to people like you who classify everyone opposing the system to be a part of the Muslim Brotherhood ….

            And you probably have no idea what the army is doing … Fuck all your talk about the Egypt’s long and rich history …. For Fuck Sake we are not worthy of carrying such honor

          • 123xxy

            If you are part of the MB (and I think you are lying) then you must be one of those youth full of the US media bull and can’t see the reality around you. You have never mentioned what do you expect better, but whatever it is, won’t help you much if you get killed in a terrorist attack.

          • Dude … I am not hiding behind a silly name like 123xxy … If you Google my full name you will get access to my identity … All this stupid talk about Qatar and MB makes me wanna puke cause you guys have nothing in hand but throwing charges and claims with no evidences … I am not sure where you got the idea that I am getting paid by the MB & Qatar or that I am unemployed and uneducated … I am probably educated better than you and I am damn sure I am making more money than your filthy ass. I pity you and the way you think. You’re so stupid that you probably go to the beach to surf the internet.

      • Sally Wilton

        You are a naive fool who must stay in his bedroom wanking all day and knows nothing about what goes on in Egypt

        • Wessam Ahmed

          And you’re miss know-it-all, of course. Having lived in Egypt your entire life and participated in various forms of legislation and other political processes, I’m sure you know a lot more than us poor Egyptians.

          Do yourself a favor and get off this website. We don’t need you egging the idiots on, we already have enough benighted fools.

    • Sally Wilton

      Glad Egypt has some sensible people like you Ahmad and isn’t totally full of gullible fools, such as those who have responded with naive comments about ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ Dimbos

      • Anyone putting faith in this group of thugs is delusional. I served a year in the army, these people are idiots who knows nothing and do nothing. It is all about the show. This country is destined to be doomed and it deserve it.

        • blah blah blah

          Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood is a better replacement?

          • can you count past 2?

            because it’s either this group or the brotherhood. like no possible colors exist other than black and white. seriously get a clue what democracy is and put it to work for you. elect another option that isn’t brotherhood. idiots.

          • blah blah blah

            All right knobhead, I was being sarcastic.

            But if you want to make that argument that we don’t shit about democracy, then your point is invalid. We have every clue to democracy from great nations like America! You know… With their democratic and republican elections 😉

          • Who mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood?

          • Omar

            It is never surprising to see uneducated fools like Ahmad Alfy and what not barking about matters that they have no knowledge of…. Mr Ahmad Alfy how does your limited brain think your 1500 $ salary would increase when the current economy of your country is below par. How do you think some currencies like the Dirham or Dinar are so powerful? were they just printed that way ? What your uneducated mind will never comprehend is that it is by improving a countries economy that your little salary might be raised. All these projects and investment plans will boost the country’s economy and provide jobs for millions of people who get paid below your shitty ass 1500 $… with the way your mind works i think that is already too high a salary for you to earn…. If you were my employee hell i would pay you not more than 10 dollars…. It is so funny to find people commenting on certain matter without having the knowledge or mind capacity to comment on them… Mr ahmad alfy was expecting that everyone in Egypt be given endless amounts of money when the country is starving. He fails to see that this economic forum…
            and another fool commenting under him called Khaled… Do u think these investments are not going to benefit the healthcare of Egypt. Mr khaled claims this country is not looking out for the poor. Do you think these companies are going to send Filipinos to construct and work on these projects ???? or millions of egyptians will find jobs and companies will start working … Guess the number one thing that needs to be improved here besides anything else is Education cause clearly some of our youth have nickles as brains and the funny thing is that they give their ideas with all confidence not knowing how dumb they appear…. Go read economy 101 for starters .. i never even comment on fools like this but after what i read i just cant resist..i suggest keep your opinions to yourselves so you do not sound like idiots to those who are actually educated enough to know how the world functions.

          • I won’t answer to this troll. Thank you anyway. #offtopic

          • Omar

            off course u wouldnt answer what would ur limited mind say besides barking and being negative u dont have any knowledge of how the world works…. ur one of these fools living off conspiracy theories… if what i said was off topic it shows that u dont even comprehend basic English reasoning… i gave answers to all ur retarded arguements…. i suggest u go smoke shisha just like someone else mentioned to u here. Do something ur brain can take… The only troll i see here is u …

            besides if u dont like the country as u said ur welcome to leave it…. go pollute somewhere else

          • 123xxy

            Very well said Omar. Don’t expect an answer as they don’t have one. Your offer of $10 is too high but they are probably unemployed and do these stupid writings to get paid by the MB and Katar.

          • Sally Wilton

            Did you hear Ahmad that UAE wants it known that they have never offered any investment in this project? Can you imagine that Sisi thought they were paying for it and has signed on the dotted line assuming that they were getting billions from the Gulf. Ha ha, what an idiot.

          • 123xxy

            HA ha what an idiot definitely you are Sally.

        • khaled

          absolutely, the 40 billion dollars could upgrade the health system, create jobs for alot of people. However this government is not looking for the poor. The narssistics ruling the country are selfish thugs with no sensible real plan to lower the gap between the rich and the poor, only widening it. History has proven that oppression regimes only bring doom to their nation, with no justice, a crisis or a major setback as what happened in 1967 will recur. There is a lack of insight, as you said they are delusional, living in the conspiracy theory. Too early to build a city like that, which also has a major drawback which is not resolving the centralized rule of the country

        • Youmna

          First, you are saying that the army”these people” do nothing well if they actually did nothing you would be being pushed over by israelis right now or daesh will be greeting you with a bullet everytime you set foot in the street and you would be dead by now, is that what you want? and if you’re really convinced that they do nothing well please YOU do something for your country other than calling our fathers and uncles idiots. Second, i did not put faith in the army but in my country cuz without having faith and helping it to do better we will not take a single step to the front and it seems that you’re not interested in that. Third, i see that you just doomed your country and people and that all this is “bullshit” well i hope you find yourself another country that isnt doomed and if you already did then please just forget about egypt and dont bother yourself about it and it seems to me that any sense of patriotism hmm is weak. I am really disappointed that some youth of Egypt like you are speaking in such negativity of grumpy old people rather than understanding the motivation and the push our country gave you. I respect your opposition of the army but why oppose a good step to the front? Please give me a glimpse of what you think the government should do. And if you think i am delusional then please enlighten me with your opinion of the truth.

          • What the government should do? The government should eliminate the injustice, the corruption and the oppression we are living in!!! I am sure you are aware of all of this but let me please list to you some of the examples that makes me believe 100% that we are heading to hell:

            – People are being killed brutally in the police stations and on the streets by the hands of the police officials and no one is getting any punishment.
            – Newspapers are being sequestrated when they try to publish something that the regime doesn’t like.
            – People like Bassem Yousef and others are no longer allowed to practice a very fundamental right in a country claiming to be looking for a bright future; Freedom of SPEECH.

            I would rather be killed by Daesh than being thrown in jail for speaking of what the regime don’t like.

            TL;DR: Before making any big promises, the government should work hard to eliminate injustice, corruption and oppression

          • Sally Wilton

            Re your time in the army, I am also aware of the military in Egypt. I was married to an Egyptian and during my time in Egypt he was constantly called up to work for them in horrific situations such as Tahrir Square during the protests supporting Abu Hazim etc and at Suez. The military guys wanted bribes all the time, particularly for time off or eventually to get out. Further to this my husband opened a mine in Kom Umbo, all legal and above board. he was thrown in to jail for that, and that was btw his 5th time in jail. He had to pay to get out and to take the military to court for trying to grab his mine, which luckily he won. The toll on his health has been terrible. On another occasion he had his digging equipment, bulldozer and lorry requisitioned by Sisi’s henchmen to use for the building of the ‘New Suez Canal’ Yes business people are supposed to give up their equipment for the greater good of Egypt and starve. I contacted Patrick Kingsley of the Guardian who met my husband and discussed for 3 hours this situation. Eventually over 1000 business people whose lorries had been requisitioned had to go to court and take legal action against the military so that they could reclaim their own equipment. I could go on at length over the things that happen in Egypt and it is truly a disgrace. If I met Sissi I would give him a punch full in the face, the arrogant pig.

          • 123xxy

            Having had a bad experience with a particular group does not entitle you to generalise and believe that everything that comes out of the country is bad. In fact you just said that you won the court case which means there is justice in Egypt! I understand your anger and frustration but Sisi is neither arrogant nor a pig. It is you being so upset that you can’t realise that Sisi was not there at the moment they did whatever you said to your husband. Should we blame all world presidents every time a crime happens??!!

          • “you just said that you won the court case which means there is justice in Egypt!”

            Do you believe this shit you just said? Seriously? You are more delusional than a 4 years old kid waiting for Santa Clause in Christmas

          • Wessam Ahmed

            And you’re really desperate to sound witty. Instead you’re coming off as delusional and entirely ill-informed.

          • Sally Wilton

            Yes, someone has to be held accountable in every country. You can’t go around arresting people without proof and without evidence. Only last week it was raised in Prime ministers questions in the UK to the Prime minister that someone had been wrongfully arrested and held in a police station. The Prime Minister said that he would look into the matter. The problem in Egypt is that no one even expects their president to be responsible for anything. You live in a fools paradise.

          • Sally Wilton

            Tell me about your good experiences of dealing with the military and of your good experiences of being in a military jail and a normal jail in Egypt and tell us your experiences of being well served by the judicial system in Egypt and please tell us of your experiences of running a mine in Egypt and while it happens tell us of the great hospitals that you have in Egypt and the fantastic treatment you get there. I would be interested to know, since I have only bad experience. Please tell me the good ones.

        • 123xxy

          Another idiots!

    • Joe Carano

      “The Egyptian army guns down 86 jet fighters for the enemy”
      “Our forces are delving deep inside Israel”

      – 6th of June, 1967 headlines.

      Gone is the credibility of the Egyptian military, and the start of a legacy of mischief and an onslaught of lies on Egypt’s people for decades, and YET, they still believe!

      You seriously deserve every puddle of shit in this country if you believed them again.

      • Alnitek Altair

        a little hope doesnt hurt!

        and Nice to see your bringing back an issue that happened almost half a century ago to a topic that doesnt even deal with warfare at all.

        • Joe Carano

          If you can’t see a pattern in these idiots’ machiavellian treacherous ways repeating itself over and over for the past decades, and you STILL can’t learn from history, i’d like to inform you that it would be heartaching to watch you doom yourself, for those who don’t learn from history, verily, are doomed to repeat it.

          Plus, i said this was the “start” of it, meaning the beggining of a legacy of corruption on all levels, not comparing this issue with warfare.

          Which brings us to your analysis capabilities.

          Either you knew what i meant but twisted it to make a mock, which makes you a manipulative immoral person trying to gain a point while appearing as the slick monk of wisdom and logic, or you truly misunderstood my comment.

          I highly believe it’s the former, but i hope it’s the latter.

          And hope, yes. The solution to our problems, lie in the extraction of the elite 5% and relocating them in their utopia.

          That’s the worst racist, classist and discriminatory project i have ever seen in my life!

          That’s worse than Time Machine, Bioshock Infinite and Elysium altogether.

          • Alnitek Altair

            Thanks for the essay , I’ll grade it later

          • Wessam Ahmed

            You’re judging a country’s regime based on two movies and a video game? God. You’re another kind of stupid, guy.

          • Joe Carano

            Calling me stupid in a discussion is the nadir of your pitless abyss of primitive urges. Please refrain from letting them out, as they will only make you look smaller and shallower.

            As for your argument, Time Machine is not a movie, it’s a novel written in the late 19th century (18XX) by H.G. Wells.

            Now like your previous false logic, that i won’t be discussing because it’s a fact, this one is no different. These works are not for entertainment, these works discuss a common theme found in the following sciences:

            Social science
            Political science
            Developmental economics

            Which all agreed that the idea of a “Mount Olympus” or an “Elysium”, built in a manner that will guarantee more isolationism and classism is a disaster.

            Now next time you want to have a serious discussion, keep your urges to yourself, and do your homework.

          • Wessam Ahmed

            You’re as intellectual as a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl who follows Laurie Anderson’s work in my eyes. Don’t play that game here.

            Your ignorance is palpable, your arguments are based on erroneous assumptions, and your speculations are feeble attempts to steer away from the discussion at hand. Criticizing a (developing) country based on its history is not condemnation, it highlights your desperation because you know there’s no other way out of this discussion, the burden of proof lies on you. How is Al-Sisi, specifically, delivering promises he can’t keep?

            And please, leave your chauvinistic side on a shelf before stepping back into this.

          • Joe Carano

            Well, you started by being directly offensive. You just reduced yourself to null. Blame yourself.

            Proof? What proof? I don’t need proof! Is it hard to see the proof in history which keeps repeating itself until the kofta device? No it’s not! And that’s only a glimpse! Now you sit with yourself and try to figure out a way to prove that these people are fit for what they are doing despite the existence of this scam.


            You just made my day. Thank you.

            I am done here.

          • 123xxy

            Wessam, you are very right but it is obvious you are talking to someone who can’t get these things. His knowledge and understanding are limited

          • 123xxy

            Before having a discussion you need to inform yourself about the topic and refrain from outlaying your silly and
            distorted opinion

          • Joe Carano

            Dear 123xxy,

            Kindly list for me the enlightening and eye-opening reasons that made you believe that your opinion is less distorted and less silly than mine, and made you believe you are in any way superior to people who has different opinions than yours (kinda reminded me of a controversial austrian celebrity with a bang and a toothbrush mustache), given that through the whole discussion i haven’t put down any other opinions and was just defending mine.

          • 123xxy

            Opinions should be based on facts and analysis. It is too easy just to throw out an opinion based on feelings, specially when you are using examples of the 1950s which you probably only read about, comparing it with what is happening now.
            If everyone will start writing about anything with no knowledge on the subject it becomes a waste of time for people looking to know and learn more AND it is an INSULT to the party you “just don’t like”, in this case the majority of Egyptians. Moreover you need to give more attention to details and don’t feel yourself so superior that you can come to conclusions without homework. I think you have a complex of “superiority”, and you should acknowledge (as I do) that in many fields there must be many people knowing more than me, while in others I may be superior than many. In this case related to Egypt, after reading your comments, I can affirm that my knowledge of the subject is 100 times superior from yours, and not only based on “opinions” but on facts. You asked me to make a listing for you; this makes me believe that you are a lazy person. Read again the facts listed in Omar’s, Wessam’s and my comments then go and read what Egyptians LEAVING there are saying (but not the angry and unfortunate one like Sally or the MB supporters). And if you have the capabilities and skills, analyse the situation in Egypt since Jan 11 and what has been done on the last 9 months and you should be able to see what most Egyptians see. I wish you good luck if you are sincere.

          • 123xxy

            What an idiot you are! Please don’t waste our time reading this s…t

          • Joe Carano

            Starting a discussion with an insult is the pinnacle of what is known as the civilized behavior. Classic. I am impressed by this formidable strategy of keeping your good image. Keep it up please.

      • khalid

        The very true words. People have no memory at all. They live in the conspiracy theory, and believe a bunch of thugs that screwed the country for the past 60 years, and yet they believe them again. That country will fall, mainly because of injustice , supporting of tyranny, and excessive repetition of the same stupid mistakes.
        They never learn from their mistakes.
        All I can say is, every nation deserves its government.

      • Wessam Ahmed

        Nixon wired the White House and the CIA funded Cuban rebels to overthrow the government, smuggling cocaine in the process. Bush vowed the invasion of Iraq was part of the “war on terrorism”. Clinton shagged an intern. You don’t see everyone judging every American president based on their predecessors’ mistakes, do you? I don’t believe the Egyptian government/military are any exception.

        • Joe Carano

          Dude, stop bullshitting yourself. Egyptian presidents, all, had a strong military background, which directly makes them unfit because of their militant ideology. These are basics that should not be discussed.

          So yes, unless the president doesn’t have a military background, they are all the same.

          • Wessam Ahmed

            If you had taken the time to look into Egypt’s history since it was declared a republic, you’d realize that “militant ideology” is exactly what it takes to govern it. If your only argument here is that they can’t engage in politics just because of their military background, I’m only humoring you by conversing with you.

            Most presidents have a military background, most presidents also have a good understanding of law and politics. Are we going to ban presidential candidates from campaigning if they possess a law degree? Only five American presidents didn’t come from a military background. The KGB basically raised Putin. What’s your point? If this so-called “militant ideology” is the secret behind Al-Sisi’s success, I’m not longing for the day someone without a military background steps into office.

          • Joe Carano

            Yes i can see the impact. I can see the prosperity and welfare that suddenly hit egypt after Nasser came. All regional conflicts ceased, and the GDP per capita has doubled. Education got much better, also health and transportation.

            Urban planning too. Electricity, water supply and sanitation, science and technology. Even acting and music! They got much better.

            And above all, the gap between the social classes has disappeared! Can you believe that? Most of egyptian people are middle class now!

            Corruption disappeared! Do you know how much bribery was paid before Nasser came? Enormous! But it vanished under his benevolent rule!

            I am really happy i wasn’t born before he came to power. It would have been hell! I everyday thank god for allowing me to see the now egypt and not the one that was 70 years ago. It would have been heart wrenching, soul tearing, to see egypt in that state back then. I would have fallen into depression and wanted to leave it by any means, even if it meant illegal immigration or dying in the sea.

            I will only reply to one point you’ve mentioned to prove to you the deep inconsistency in your logic and/or information.

            USA had only 5 presidents with no military background.

            Well, Mr. False logic, the president in the USA is a very small part of a very well established COMPLETE CIVIL system, with congress senates and house legislators, a COMPLETELY independent judiciary system and an unbiased executive authority, and above ALL, a respect for the constitution. It’s ALREADY a working system and the president is there for some pen drags!

            And that’s how egypt was, until one person cancelled legislators, tamed the judiciary system and made it dependent (judges massacre 1969), and made the executive authority loyal to him instead of the people, and blatanly stepped on the constitution by violating the people’s right to LIVE. And this person did all these things which plummeted with egypt underground SPECIFICALLY because he had a military background, and saw no point in there being any of these systems, claiming that this is how it “needs” to be!


            I will only tell you two things:

            1- The people you claim that they must be ruled militantly, are the product of this rule: no one is born a slave.

            2- Don’t EVER complain about ANYTHING in this country or you will automatically become a hypocrite.

            Dude, no offense (although you have offended me), but you are a victim. You are a victim as much as people not finding food or shelter. The difference is that you are their intellectual victim.

            I want you to go discuss your point of view, of claiming that military rule is mandatory in egypt (or in any country as a matter of fact) with any unbiased non-egyptian politics scholar (not me). You’d be hit with a book on your head.

            I am outta here.

        • 123xxy

          You couldn’t have said better, but don’t waste your time with such retarded people.

    • awagih

      when did you get your Ph.D. in Urban & Regional Planning?

      • Like those who plan anything in our country from roads to new cities have ones.

        • Wessam Ahmed

          And I’m sure you were able to obtain that information through accurate studies and analysis of our government’s recruitment policies.

    • Wessam Ahmed

      Buddy, serving a year in the army doesn’t make you in any way eligible to point fingers at the government and say they “have no idea what they’re doing.” You’re obviously small-minded, and I can barely make out a word of what you’re saying anyway. It just sounds like the usual banter most people post online whenever there’s an attempt by the government to develop and subsidize new entities that really work out in our favor at the end of the day. We’ve been seeing a lot of improvements since Al-Sisi stepped into office. If you can’t, you’re very simply blind. You wanna see ministers get booted everyday? Headlines about the government’s anti-corruption drive? Give me a break. You probably barely even have a job, and you’re tossing your crap around back and forth trying to look witty. Some of us here would like to read articles without the senseless “opinions”.

      • You know what you are right! I am a small-minded unemployed idiot who makes living by trolling other on the internet. Sorry for taking some of your precious time to respond to my flawed argument, what do I know anyway?

        Now go feel good about yourself, good luck. You are the ones who truly love this country.

        • Wessam Ahmed

          If that’s all you’re going to do to try to prove me wrong, you’re no mightier than a jester to me.

          • Sally Wilton

            Why are Egyptians so emotional about their leader? why do they take criticism of these plans so personally? In the UK if the PM came up with a plan to rebuild London 50 miles away in the middle of the countryside we would all be laughing our heads off and drawing cartoons to show what an idiot he is. Instead the average Egyptians little heart breaks when he hears the truth.

          • Illuminati

            It is a mix of things including political naiveté, short-sightedness, hypnotization, and a mind aching to be enslaved as a follower, not a critical thinker.

          • 123xxy

            What an ignorant comment!
            How can you speak about “not seeing truth” in your stupid example? What are your qualifications that entitled you to criticise such a project? What do you know about infrastructure, economy and management, to make such a judgment? I always had a good opinion of English people and I hope you are wrong about your description of your fellow English people as having futile brains, although it might explain why the Great Britain of last
            century has been reduced to what it is now: thanks to people like you! You should note Egyptians are not “emotional” about their leaders, they are sick of
            hearing retarded people making ignorant judgments or what you and others would call “opinions” as if they are worth anything other than wasting
            people’s time. You should find yourself something useful to do, for example write a book entitled
            “How differently I see the world” or “My unsupported opinions”.

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