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Stray Dogs in Egypt Find Sanctuary Abroad

June 7, 2015

Chance Anubis, the Wonder Dog At six weeks old, he was left abandoned in a garbage ditch by the Autostrad, one of Cairo’s most notorious highways. Chance’s story is one of love, one of hope, and resilience. He had his happy ever after when Mai Bassiouni and Monica Lebo stumbled upon his almost lifeless body by sheer coincidence. Loaded with ticks and weighing about 900g (the approximate weight of a three week old puppy), it was clear that he needed undivided medical care and attention, and would not survive in a shelter. “We couldn’t take him to a shelter, he wouldn’t stand a chance” said Lebo when asked what had happened to the puppy. “Neither of us could foster him. I have 25 cats to look after and Mai has 2 dogs in her care.” Aida Rashid, an avid animal rights activist, took the dog in and nursed him back to health. She fed him, sheltered him, and cared for his everyday needs. She gave him a chance. Anubis Bastet Adoptions (ABA), a non-profit organization specializing in the adoption of stray dogs and cats in Egypt, came to the rescue…

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