Egypt Sentences Former President Morsi to Death for Escaping Prison

Egypt Sentences Former President Morsi to Death for Escaping Prison


An Egyptian court has sentenced deposed President Mohammed Morsi and four others to death by hanging on charges of escaping from prison. Those sentenced to death include Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie, El Katatny, El-Erian and others. More than 80 others were sentenced to death in absentia. All sentences can be appealed.

The court had initially sentenced the former President and his co-defendants to death in May, but had sent court files to the Grand Mufti, Egypt’s top Islamic Scholar, for guidance.

During the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s Morsi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood escaped from Wadi al-Natroun prison. Charges were brought against Morsi and other defendants for damaging and torching prison buildings, murder and attempted murder of prison guards and looting.

While Morsi has never publicly given his account of the Wadi el-Natroun prison break, the former President had made a phone call to Al-Jazeera Mubasher TV as he was being freed. In the interview, Morsi claimed that prison guards fled after they failed to regain control of the environment.

During the trial, prosecutors had called the prison break as one of Egypt’s biggest ever conspiracies, saying that hundreds of foreign elements had been involved in prison breaks across Egypt in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood. More than 20,000 inmates escaped from Egypt’s prisons during the 18 day revolution in 2011 say prosecutors. Prosecutors also alleged that 800 Hamas and Hezbollah members had entered Egypt through Gaza to carry out three prison breaks.

Despite the allegations, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood have said local residents, and not foreign elements, had been responsible for the prison breaks.

Life sentence for espionage

Earlier on Tuesday, an Egyptian court sentenced Morsi and 16 others to life in prison, which holds a 25 year sentence, on charges of espionage. Khairat El-Shater, Mohammed El-Beltagy and Abdel Aaty were sentenced to death by hanging. 13 others, including academic Emad Shahin and Morsi’s foreign press secretary Sondos Assem were sentenced to death by hanging in absentia. Two other defendants were sentenced to seven years in prison.

Morsi and his co-defendants had been charged with espionage and communicating with foreign elements, including Iran and Hamas, to hinder Egypt’s national security.

Morsi, who was deposed on July 3 after mass protests against his government, had won Egypt’s first free democratic elections since former Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011.

The deposed President was sentenced in April to 20 years in maximum security prison for violence outside the Presidential Palace in December 2012.

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Egypt Court Sentences Morsi to Life in Prison for Espionage

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  • Commander_Chico

    Torture prisoners to death: automatic not guilty

    Massacre Shia or Christians: a few years in prison

    Kill woman protester, shoot her in the back: 15 years.

    Escape from prison while held by the dictator without charges: death sentences.

    Pharoah’s eunuchs may celebrate, but the world is disgusted.

    • Mo Fallah

      If prisoner is a member of mafia moslem brotherhood then he/she must be treated the same way as mafia. who massacre shia, police christian,etc? of course mafia m.b. who rapes women in the name of allah?of course mafia m.b. who escape from prison by help from Qatari and AlJazeera corporation? of course their puppet MORSI.

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  • Key

    I can’t believe how this convict vermin turned president would put his country on death row by selling Egyptian national security secrets and openly guaranteeing to sell Egyptian land to foreign entities for money. Deplorable. All these are well documented and he and the U.S. and EU admins supporting his cult know it too. Let it be known that it is the Egyptian people 90 million plus strong that put this human being in death row. This will set an example to any cult or foreign entity to think a million times before trying to tamper with .ooo1 millimetre of Egyptian land.

  • Minymina

    Nice!! I’m going to be celebrating this with tities and vodka in Sharm.

    • Mo Fallah

      Drink one for me as well.

      • Minymina

        On the day they hang this pig, vodka should be disrupted to all Egyptians.


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