Saudi Arabia ‘Offered $US 10 Billion to Free Mubarak’

Saudi Arabia ‘Offered $US 10 Billion to Free Mubarak’

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah (L) meeting with Hosni Mubarak days before the Egyptian revolution.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah (L) meeting with Hosni Mubarak days before the Egyptian revolution.

In their latest batch of published documents, WikiLeaks –a non-profit media organization- has put Saudi Arabia under the spotlight in what they are referring to as The Saudi Cables. According to WikiLeaks, the publication includes more than half a million cables, secret communications and top secret reports from the Saudi Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Interior and the Kingdom’s General Intelligence Services.

On Friday, WikiLeaks started releasing the first tranche of the cables, with a total of over 61,000 published leaked documents to date. Shortly prior to publishing the first batch of leaked documents, the Saudi government mentioned in an official statement that its diplomatic servers have been hacked into, asserts the Associated Press.

The leaked documents expose the Saudi geopolitical relation to its neighboring countries.

While the majority of leaked communications revolve primarily around Iranian affairs, one ‘Top Secret’ memo which stirred a lot of controversy claims that the Gulf countries were willing to secure the freedom of the toppled president Hosni Mubarak by paying $10 billion.

The respondent, an anonymous Egyptian official, affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to accept the deal given that “the Egyptian people will not benefit from his imprisonment.”

According to a government source who spoke anonymously to Egyptian Streets, Saudi Arabia pressured Egypt in 2012 not to jail the wives of the Mubarak family, citing a threat against continued financial assistance to Cairo.

Similar allegations were expressed by senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat el-Shater in 2012, who claimed that Saudi Arabia offered billions of dollars to secure the return of the toppled president. This was denied by Saudi officials at the time.

Women Activists Demonstrate Against Protest Law at Egypt's Presidential Palace
Al Jazeera Reporter Held in Germany for Extradition to Egypt Freed

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  • Bond, James

    This is just Jewish propaganda. The dam Jews must be wiped out.

  • Cairolive

    The Arabs will be eternally grateful for Hosni Mubarak. It was he who gave legitimacy to the Gulf War and saved them. Saddam had wanted to play the “Christian Armies on Muslim Holy land” card when the Western armies landed in Saudi Arabia, thus dividing the Middle East, but when Mubarak sent the Egyptian Army, it all became a political issue not religious. And it was the Egyptian Army (armored division) that first entered (literally) Kuwait City. Mubarak has a lot of weight till today with all Arab countries.

    • mkvali

      Israel&USA trough SA and the gulf countries asked and backed Saddam to end Iranian expansionism and regional threat trough war which the gulf countries would finance !

      after years of war and millions of death Iraq went broke and demanded from the gulf arabs reparations and financial aid which they never received after many discussions and negotiations which lead to Saddam crazy attempt to annex Kuwait

      if it wasn’t for SA gulf arabs and zionists, Iraq and Iran would have been the jewels of the middle east but the hate envy jealousy and weak leadership between the leaders of the middle east is cancerous and is reason why they will not go further than killing jailing and torturing their people

      Mubarak is a prostitute of the zionists and americans who accepted to be used at their will , since oslo accords egypt received billions of financial aid which was used to create the current egyptian regime with their futile massive army , one and half million security apparatus and corrupt state institutions which have turned egypt into a failed state and enslaved it peoples to it trough nationalist propaganda egypt motherland nonsense !

      • Cairolive

        Egypt was “coined” motherland because when you all were running behind your goats, Egypt was providing you with money, medicine, teachers, clothes, food…..Egypt was, is and will always be the “mother land”…..which makes hateful people like you die in envy!

        • mkvali

          please tell me why i should die in envy of egypt and its people, is there something about egypt to be envious about please don’t make me laugh !

          egypt can’t even provide itself with money, medicine, teachers, clothes, food thats why people are sick of the failed status of their country and their weak leadership that chooses to beg for financial aid from the west and gulf arabs instead of building their country from the bottom up which the generals refuse because that needs the participation of the entire egyptian society which they don’t accept !

          you know civilization didn’t start in egypt so you can’t claim being the mother of all other countries if you weren’t the first who started a country or something that looked like it in the first place , stop with your arrogance and stop speaking as if you stand on a higher level of humanity !

          i think you are one of the lucky ones who have a decent life and don’t complain so you keep repeating that mantra of egypt the motherland and tahya misr nonsense to keep your confidence levels up, just look at the data facts and numbers and stop hiding behind your nationalism , accept reality and accept the fact that your motherland is in dire need of some breastmilk because millions on the street are suffering !

          when you were running after your goats, hahahaha

          i think every country even the most technological advanced countries have an agricultural sector so there are still people running after goats for centuries around the whole world in the west the east the north and south ! and don’t ridicule the work of the shepherd , most prophets worked as shepherds , it’s a fulfilling job when you master it !

  • Camille Dautomne


  • Donde estas mi cellular

    Typical of Saudi Arabia, after hosting Ben Ali as well. Meelas Nampo: Please read history, the caliphs repressed the people and ended up killing each others. Democracy is the solution.

  • Meelas Nampo

    Birds of a feather flock together.
    The entire gang of ‘leaders’ of the Middle East counties are puppets. They are butchers of their own people – artistes in repression and corruption. Selected and trained to perfection for decades now by the enemies of the Muslims. Suits the interests of the West and Israel.
    Imagine how the world would be shaped should there be a return to the ways of the four wise caliphs ( especially Omar bin Khattab ) and observance of the real and true tenets of Islaam, as it was – a nightmare scenario and a source of trepidation for all those involved ( including Sisi and Saudis ) in maintaining subjugation and exploitation of the Muslims and their lands and wealth throughout the world.
    No matter, a day will come, SOON, of reckoning.
    The HEJAZ and the holy lands must be freed, not just from Crusaders and conniving puppeteers, but really from the grips of the sadistic and satanic house of Saud and their cronies.

  • Minymina

    Its the other way around you !d!ots. Read the damn documents again. The MB was the one who offered to free Mubarak for $10 Billion.

    • mkvali

      hahaha you don’t like it when wiki leaks don’t enforce your bias

      • Minymina

        Why don’t you read the document yourself?

        • mkvali

          history already proves that mb has never had the power to decide anything, since imorsi won, and it was not shafik who won as the generals wanted , it was scaf all the way who took the reigns , the MB fought against the fact they had the presidency but without full authority and jurisdiction and they paid the full price for it and where outplayed by gulf arabs who ordered the coup and the rest is history

          you can come with your argument of theocracy, lack of competence, the millions in the street, tamarod but it will never explain the reason why the whole democratic process has been overturned and yet another general is governing the country without a parliament , this coup was ordered by SA UAE and SA, if you like it or not the people of egypt have nothing to do than to undergo what the gulf arabs and international powers have planned for them !

          the mb are all in jail , they are meaningless they can’t do nothing but undergo the process so tell me who are you going to blame now that when it comes to egypt nothing has changed and its still status quo, have another 60 years of scaf rule those 90 million will really thrive under them just look at your history to see it !

          i can’t get enough of that motherland egypt tahya misr nationalist propaganda , it’s music to my ears ! that rhetoric really feeds my soul as well as my stomach and pays all my bills

          • Minymina

            Hahaha you don’t like it when wikileaks don’t enforce your bias?
            Eat a d!ck mkvali. I didn’t ask for any of this $h!t, I asked whether or not you read the document. Clearly you’re butthurt after reading it lol.

          • mkvali

            read the document, did you read it, did you authenticate it, you worthless imbecile who believes news outlets , the ultimate proof is based on action in the street !

            i see mubarak sitting at home in his sharm el sheikh resort isn’t that freedom for a + 80 year old man , i see him getting freed from cases against him and his family !

            you can’t accuse him and admire him at the same time, he together with his generals at the scaf are the reason why egypt is a failed state , egypt is worthless because its unable to use the human capital and the great potential it has to go from an potential emerging market to regional powerhouse

            egypt is stuck for the last 60 years because of weak leadership which is in the hand of the scaf and who are benefiting from keeping their people in the position they are in now , the whole Mena region is an western asset and the generals are ensuring it stays that way ! but you keep toying with bigotry sectarianism and nationalism

          • Minymina
          • mkvali

            hahaha i didnt know you could use memes this really upgrades the debates and discussions

            i am not butthurt i feel sorry for 90 million people and the rest of the region who have to deal with such weak leadership while we have true potential to become a highly developed technological region with huge divesity in ethnicities languages religions ect but africa and mena region will stay under the rule of western empire that sees no problem in creating and feeding conflict to retain control of their interests and assets !


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