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Documentary Exposes Harassment And Physical Abuse At Ladies’ Factory

June 28, 2015
Mansura Espana Garment workers occupied their factory in 2008. Credit: Hossam elHamalawy

By Nayera Yasser “I wish I were a man. If I were a man, I would have done many things. I dreamt of many things for myself. I want to live.” These were the words a factory worker had to say about being a woman in a community that only respects men. Harassment is a major phenomenon in the Middle East. However, there are certain societies that lack the needed understanding of such a phenomenon. In an environment such as a factory, sexism and harassment are frequently permanent features that female workers have to encounter day-in, day-out. Ashoka, Not Guilty and Al-Ibrahimiyah, three NGOs based in Egypt, joined forces in an attempt to shed some light on a long forgotten community. Through short stories and a documentary, the three entities managed to penetrate the world of several unfortunate women.The three entities hosted a special night at Concord Elsalam hotel to share the two projects with the public plus offering an open microphone for the attendees to add their valuable personal perspective on the issue. The public included well-known directors, authors and journalists who commented on the film and the national…

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