Egypt Officially Announces ‘State Of War’

Egypt Officially Announces ‘State Of War’

Eye witnesses in North Sinai have reported militants roaming the streets of Sheikh Zuweid, with cars raising the ISIS flag (Archive photo from Libya)
The Sinai Provine, an IS-affiliated militant group, has announced in a statement its responsibility for the Sinai attacks in (Archive photo from Libya)

In an official statement released by the Egyptian Armed Forces, 17 Egyptian soldiers were reported killed, in addition to 13 more who were injured. The statement added that 100 militants have been killed, in addition to destroying 20 of the militants’ vehicles.

As the armed conflict dragged on in Egypt’s North Sinai throughout the day, figures of casualties and fatalities have wavered from one source to another. According to state-owned Al-Ahram, the casualties among the Egyptian forces had reached 60 between injured and killed. Meanwhile, the Egyptian military has stated that all terrorist locations in North Sinai have been destroyed. So far, 90 terrorists have been killed, Sky News reported.

However, independent newspapers, such as Shorouk and Youm7, have reported that the death toll among the Egyptian forces has amounted to 64 , while Reuters reported 50 deaths among civilians and soldiers.

According to Associated Press, a security source who spoke under the condition of anonymity stated that as the conflict escalated, Egyptian soldiers have been held captive, while armored vehicles and weapons have been claimed by militants during their raids on several military checkpoints across the Sinai Peninsula.

Nevertheless, security sources in Sinai have deemed the news of captivity uncertain due to all phone and internet connections being cut off in the conflict zone, reported Al-Masry Al-Youm.

As the Egyptian military and security forces continue battling the militant groups, successive explosions have been heard on the outskirts of Sheikh Zuweid, while F16 fighter air crafts have been reported to track down the terrorist militias, reported Al-Ahram.

In light of the terrorist attack in Sinai, Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said that Egypt is officially “in a state of war”, in what is considered to be the first official government statement since the eruption of the attacks.

Earlier today, the Sinai Province, an IS-affiliated militant group, has announced in a statement its responsibility for the Sinai attacks in Sheikh Zoweid, Al-Arish and Rafah which have been ongoing since the early hours of Wednesday.

The statement claims raiding over 15 Egyptian military checkpoints using light weapons, heavy armament and RPGs. In addition, Sinai Province have announced the execution of three “martyrdom operations” across Arish and Sheikh Zoweid.

Egypt’s North Sinai has witnessed a wave of attacks since the ouster of Morsi in July 2013. On Tuesday, two children were killed when a rocket reportedly fired by militants struck their home.

The story is developing.

100 Terrorists Killed in Egypt's North Sinai Declares Military
IS-Affiliated Sinai Province Claims Responsibility For Sinai Attacks

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  • Moe Kawach

    Islam is of satan and should be outlawed all over the civilized world. My name is mohamed and I grew up in Egypt but thank god that I left Islam and Egypt. Reality is that the kuran calls for murder of all non Muslims including ahl al kitab, who are Christians and Jews. Islam is not a religion, its a dictatorship, an apostasy. Its evil and a danger to society and civilization as a whole. Islam is of satan. There’s nothing to Islam except killing, blood, hypocracy and stupidity. The kuran for example says that a fetus is first bones, then the bones are covered with flesh! Come on, when was the last time a woman gave birth to a skeleton?! Second, mohamads father died four years before his birth. He’s a bastard who was used by ma3alima khadeeja who worked for the Vatican, pope Augustine who wanted to create a cult to rid him of the Hebrews and true Christians. Read history. Google it by typing “Vatican created Islam” and you’ll see the truth about Islam. Its a satanic cult and antichrist for goodness sake

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  • Chris Britton

    Funny, you will never hear christains argue like like children about the meaning of the gospals. Just saying, when everyone believes something different, nobody is right.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Oh yes they do. And they killed and murdered just as ISIS did. But it happened a long time ago. After the reformation period after the Spanish Inquisition, they learned to somewhat stop killing each over it (and just silently avoid each other). Too bad it is going to take for Islam 500 more years to achieve the same thing.

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  • Intel Agency

    If Egypt is not able to control the threats from their territory against Israel… I would like to remind you what caused the Six Day War of 1967….

  • doudi Khay

    time for Egypt to get it over with and take control of the Sinai and go after ISIS before ISIS takes control of Gaza and the area around GAZA and a FULL out war commences. No more pussyfooting with the wests failure to see the dangers…. and do nothing. Get the army out there and wipe out all the terrorists and sympathizers. Make it costly for ISIS to be there….

    • Hatem

      Exactly, I’m Egyptian and I approve this message.

      • diabran

        I am American, I approve this message. To bad our Spineless President does not.

        • quranist

          Obama is an Israel firster zionist. Stop fooling yourself.USA once again yesterday was the ONLY nation that voted against the UN Human rights council’s vote against Israel. And they want to export democracy ? Stop fooling yourself.

  • Dr Hashem

    The people and the army are one hand . Accept that the people of the Egypt great country want freedom form the way of the terror. 50% of the people who voted for the kharoof is not even a majority of egyptian. This guys wull see the power of the egyptian and understand its meaning

  • Moh S

    first why would you put a photo from libya
    there is a bit of a mistery in this sheikh zwyied i dont believe that the egyptian army cant wipe out this sheikh zewayed in one week maximum clear normal citizins and flat it out ……….why they dont do this is still not clear is it restrictions because of the borders or what ……………..please dont squeeze religion into this it has no relation what so ever dont fool your self

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  • Sisitheking

    The Sisi will make this brotherhood understand the meaning of the Egyptian! He will use the power of his helicopters and the manly strength of his soldiers to overcome the evilhood of the traitors.

    • quranist

      Sisi is a military fascist while ISIS are religious fascist. Both are fascist who collectively punish and kill people. One is more honest about his fascism than the other.

      • boorloos

        Respect the Sisi. Religion is for peace and love not the killing for happiness.

      • Sisitheking

        What is facisit? to kill soldiers? to allow soldiers to be killed? to force your opinion on people? The Isis and brotherhood offer death, yes Sisi is from the military but he gives the society he helps county safer.

      • Anonymous Coward

        And seemingly incompetent at that. Kind of reminds you of a similar situation between the USSR (Joseph Stalin) and Nazi Germany (Hitler). Different fascists with different ideas on what is the only best way to rule.

        Very ironic, kind of similar to how each religion thinks it is the ONLY correct way to live and everyone else is wrong. I guess tribalism is just an animal instinct and only civilized people who learn to think outside of their selfishness are able to overcome it.

        • quranist

          Well said. Organized religion is bad news.

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      • Key

        Yes there was an Indian hindu insulting Islam. I believe he got what he deserved with his comments wiped by the admins.

  • Egyptian

    Death to Muslims Brotherhood. Death to Salaphies party “El Noor Party”

  • Egyptian Canadian

    May God be with the Egyptian people and our army at this time. And my he help us exterminate these soulless scumbag savage barbarians once and for all.

    • quranist

      Egypt’s constitution says sharia law so why are they complaining about ISIS. ISIS wants sharia law that Egyptian voted for but are afraid to implement. Abolish sharia law. Or else shut up.

      • Tarek Salah

        your a moron- Sharia law has nothing to do with this- and the words in the constitution say not to go against shaira law thats all- not implement the salafi wahabi strict interpetation of it

        • truth

          I would say, if the constitution spell it ” not to against sharia law” those who support sharia will consider it as implimented on the ground and who ever refuse to follow is getting panished cold blooded which is the worst part of it…

        • quranist

          If the “wahabi” is a strict interpretation than what do you call the Maliki and Shafi interpretation of Islam? They are the same. Al Azhar follows the SAME Islam as ISIS. They both follow the 4 Imams of Sunni Islam the difference is on the ruling Imam. Between Sisi and Baghdadi. Thats all.

      • M.Omran

        What the heck are you talking about?
        Which part of the constitution are you referring to? It seems you are an absolute ignoramus. People like you should have brain cells implant.

      • Mo Abuali

        Who lied to u guy? Sharia law from what school the school of shafii or Maliki or alhlilbait I’m imam sadiq school??? Or Wahhabi ibn tymia kill everything no thinking school!!! Stop the lie! Isis is Wahhabi khawari Saudi sect of killers who made a new sharia from they sheikhs and not the mercy book of God the Quran.

        • quranist

          Al Azhar believes in executing apostates. It also believes in child marriages and stoning adulterers and flogging people for drinking alcohol etc. It believes that women are inferior and divorce is in the hands of men. It believes in holding female captives as slaves and allows having sex with them ie rape. The only difference is ISIS wants to apply them while Al Azhar wants to wiggle with International law and UN.

          • Linda Thibault

            and where the heck did you get this Quranist? You where talking with them in Al Azhar?

          • quranist

            . We Quranist have been warning you all for decades but you did not want to listen and still do not want to listen. Sharia law has NOTHING to do with the Quran. I posted a video showing the curriculum Azhar teaches their students. Its exactly the same as ISIS. Sharia law is derived from hadiths that were planted by the enemies of Islam. It has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is the Quran and Quran is Islam. Quran is peace. Egyptians want Sharia law but complain about ISIS. Hypocrisy at its best.

      • Linda Thibault

        Non sense. It has nothing to do with it. This is a organized group that has nothing to do with religion, yet, they use the name of God just to make Muslims seen as if they where all extremists. It is a big plot, a big organization and world wide one also . Someone wants to destroy many arab countries.

        • quranist

          Stop fooling yourself. ISIS are Sunnis who believe in Sharia law that Muslims also believe. Shias also follow the same Sharia law. There is nothing ISIS is doing that is against Sharia law. As a Quranist I know very well where ISIS gets their beliefs from. From the hadiths of Bukhari and Muslim and the fatwas of the four Imams of Sunni Islam. Sunnis and Shias get their Shariah from the hadiths collections and not Quran.

          • quranist
          • quranist

            Al Azhar and ISIS are brothers in faith. No difference between them. Ahmed Maher shows us the Azhar curriculum that promotes terrorism. All this of course is against the teachings of the Quran.

          • Key

            Correction: Al Azhar teaches moderate Islam the way it is supposed to be. ISIS is rooted to the MB to you terrorists how hunger for blood and power via Religion

          • quranist

            Moderate islam? You sound like sisi. Stop fooling yourself. Azhar and isis follows the same islam. They are just not honest.

          • Key

            What on earth are you talking about? Linda hit the bulls eye and told you like it is. Whether you MB terrorist accept it or not that is a fact. There is no distinction between you, ISIS, boko, MB, Shabab, Hamas, etc.. you are all one which is to kill for power period. Nothing Godly or Spiritual in that what you do. Hiding under religion to recruit and serve the greater good of your master (Morshid) for the purpose of power has nothing to do with the Sunna. There is NOTHING Godly or spiritual that the said terrorist organizations do

      • diabran

        ISIS is after Blood. They use the words in the Quran, ( Outdated and never truth ) to get that blood. They will destroy the history of the Middle East, then the World. Someone needs to stop them! Hell, even our President is on their side, so it sure will not be the US.

        • quranist

          Isis follows sunni Islam and not quran. Stop lying.

    • Stew Sidaway

      problem is that’s what both sides are thinking, that god is on their side

      • Key

        Correction, the extremist terrorist group use God as an excuse to recruit while knowing they are in it for power.

    • willy

      Isaiah 19:2-3

  • David Yacob

    It’s RPG, not RBG. ‘Rocket propelled grenade’.

    • That Guy

      Actually, RPG stands for Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot, or
      РПГ, ручной противотанковый гранатомёт. Which translates to “hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher”.
      Rocket-propelled grenade is a backronym.


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