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Integrating Women In Egypt’s Political Scene

August 4, 2015
Egyptian women mark International Women’s Day in 2013 by taking to the streets (photo: AFP)

Women’s political rights in Egypt is a subject that is rarely discussed by the general public. While most ministries, governmental positions and political candidates are predominantly male, women who do participate are not given the same support and confidence that is usually given to men. Although women in Egypt participate in civil societies, have roles in non-governmental institutions, rarely do they get the opportunity to implant their influence in politics. Recent studies have shown that the majority of Egyptians believe that women should have the same rights as men to run in the upcoming parliament; however, it is easier said than done. This is because very few Egyptians are genuinely interested in improving the political situation of women. Nazra for Feminist Studies In order to accurately explore this issue, I sat down with Salma el-Naqqash, director of the women’s political participation program at Nazra to discuss the political situation of women in Egypt, the challenges they are facing and their initiatives to solve them. Nazra is a non-governmental organization that advocates for women’s rights. These rights include not being seen as inferior when running for seats in parliament and integrating…

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