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Egypt Signs $US 66 Million Contract with JWT to Promote Tourism

August 25, 2015
Photograph by Toufic Araman, part of Egypt’s 2012 worldwide tourism campaign
Photograph by Toufic Araman, part of Egypt’s 2012 worldwide tourism campaign

Global marketing and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson has been selected to campaign for Egyptian tourism on a three-year contract worth $22 million annually, the tourism minister said.

The company will start the campaign in October, Minister Khaled Rami said in a statement.

Rami said Egypt is a major “touristic country” and that it is “time we came out to the world after years.”

JWT has its main office in New York but the company boasts more than 200 offices worldwide, including one in Cairo.

JWT’s campaign will cover 27 tourism markets and one of the campaign’s conditions is to carry out public relation campaigning in non-Arab speaking markets to improve Egypt’s image.

Egypt is currently trying to revive its tourism sector, which was a main source of income in Egypt until a popular uprising which toppled former President Hosni Mubarak’s regime in 2011 triggered four years of political turmoil, taking its toll on the sector.

The state, which is currently battling a wave of insurgency said in April it expects revenues from the tourism sector to reach $26 billion by 2020, as it implements a strategy to increase the number of tourists visiting annually to 20 million.

Despite the instability, tourism contributes with 11.3 percent of the gross domestic product and is the source of 7 percent of foreign currency, the government said in April.

Comments (22)

  1. Sally Wilton says:

    Egypt loves paying other countries to do work for them. Why aren’t they spending those millions on an Egyptian company to promote them. Same old story.

    1. Minymina says:

      Because paying a foreign company that specialises in their market is a better idea than paying an Egyptian company that doesn’t understand how foreigners think.

      Its simple logic. You dont have to be a marketing genius to understand this.

    2. Sally Wilton says:

      Sure, Egyptians are stupid and you don’t mind admitting it. Well done

    3. Minymina says:

      Thats not what I’m saying you illiterate f*ck tard. I’m stating that if you want to attract Americans you use an American based advertising agency. If you want to attract Germans, you use a German company. If you’re that dumb founded to understand and comprehend basic marketing logic, then quite simply f^ck off to Buzzfeed.

    4. Sally Wilton says:

      they mainly attract Russian prostitutes so why didn’t they go to a Russian agency? Too stupid I suppose

    5. Arie Bier says:

      I don’t agree on what you say here. Simply because, if you’re words would be right. There would be nu multinational companies.

    6. Minymina says:

      Multinational companies have offices in each country. Each office employees natives who know how their market think. As mentioned in this article, JWT has more than 200 offices worldwide. Most Egyptian marketing agencies only operate in Russia / Eastern Europe. Hence why they weren’t hired because Egypt is trying to attract westerners.

      I’m using simple English here to help you guys understand. How is it you are this stup!d?

    7. M Omran says:

      Because Egyptian co lack international understanding of overseas market and its mentality. You need to.understand the way others think and what get them tick.Your statement is a proof of exactly that.cheers mate

    8. Sally Wilton says:

      are you really that stupid. Thanks for advertising to the whole world you are dumb

  2. Arie Bier says:

    What can they do if people read every week about bombings and killings in Egypt. Will they turn there face the other way or will they say it is all not true.

    1. Medhat Ghabrial says:

      bombing is happening in a very small strip in northern Sinai at the gaza borders about 5 % of Sinai area. the rest of the country is as safe as any other area in the world. When did you hear about any incident in tourist destinations or beach resorts or temples or museums or any other place of note? it is bad to read the hyper-news . we go there every year for Christmas and spend the times of our lives , with the girls and all.

    2. Arie Bier says:

      Depends what you call tourist destination. Egypt is a tourist destination and if bad news is in the newspaper, many people will say next year maybe. Look at Turkey some problems there, immediately 8% less bookings. How long ago is that car bomb in Cairo. Just last week there where two small explosions in my street here in Aswan. So don’t ask me where, okay. Only tourists who have been before and know a little bit about the country, they know about safe and not safe places. Just believe me when I say any violence or other bad news, like how they threat people in prison, bring less tourists. Lots of people from my country ask me is it safe and I say NO.

    3. M Omran says:

      They will not turn thier face away they will use their brain.and terror is not going to dissuade most of us from visiting Egypt.Terror it seems is in the mind and soul of extremists who do not comply with Islam’s teaching.Are you allowed to kill others because you disagree with them in your religion whatever it is?

    4. Minymina says:

      In today’s world, no country is immune to terror attacks. France, within one year has had the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the beheading in a factory and the incident on the train were US marines managed to prevent a terror attack.

    5. Arie Bier says:

      I knew a reaction like this was coming. I am trying to say that, when I would visit Egypt for the first time and O read about bombings and other bad news in the newspaper or hear or on TV. I would think twice to travel to Egypt. As a European however I traveled to France 2 days after the attack on Charlie Hebdu, without thinking. Western Europe is like home,is what we know as Europeans. Traveling to a region as the Middle East or North Africa however thousands of people still will think twice. Maybe a good campaign will help Egypt a bit to the good side, we will see. I live here in Aswan and I will see this winter, how many tourist will walk in the market. By the way, you have a bad mouth sometimes.