Dog Brutally Killed and Mutilated in Egypt for Allegations of Rabies

Dog Brutally Killed and Mutilated in Egypt for Allegations of Rabies

While people around the world celebrate the National Dog Day to honor and raise awareness about domesticated and stray canines, Egypt remains home to some of the most heinous and cruel acts against stray animals, especially dogs.

Six months after a video of the brutal killing of a dog in Giza which went viral on the social networks, another video recently emerged showing a group of cheering children dragging a mutilated dead dog across the village after tying one of its limbs to a wooden pole.

According to the townspeople of Borg Rashid village in Beheira governorate, the dog was killed due to allegations that it was rabid which led it to biting a few children, reported Masrawy.

However, while rabies is a much feared virus in Egypt which is fatal if not detected and prevented, Mona Khalil, chairperson of Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), clarified in an interview with Shorouk News a set of misconceptions that are commonly widespread among Egyptians.

Although the dog was assumed to be rabid for showing signs of aggression, Khalil clarifies that a rabid dog does not attack people unless attacked or provoked. She also adds that excessive barking is not an indication of the canine being a rabies bearer, but rather that it’s in a dog’s nature and instinct to bark if endangered or if it senses the presence of strangers.

Rabid dogs cannot be detected at a glance, and need to be carefully observed over a duration of time. In order to locate a rabid dog, Khalil hints out a few traits that may indicate the dog’s illness, including their rejection for drinking water which causes them to suffocate and die. She also adds that rabid dogs hide away from direct light, and prefer to only emerge during the night and early hours of the day.

Furthermore, rabies, which is a virus that affects the brain, causes animals to go blind and shortly afterwards succumb to hind-legs paralysis. This explains the virus-bearing dogs’ disorientation and random movements.

In case an animal is suspected to be rabid, it is highly advised to report the case to the nearest veterinary council which will in turn take the necessary actions in order to ensure the safety of area’s residents.

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  • Rami Ebeid

    I think that the american police officers are more educated than the childeren that killed the dog

  • Rami Ebeid

    It might be better than mistreating the black pepole

  • Lynn Noble

    I live in this hell Hole I wish these religious bearing people the worst death imaginable they are born brain dead and are total garbage

  • Adam Canis Lupaster Pallipes

    Sadly this is what we Egyptians are good for; CRUELTY! not work, progress, ethics, morals, humanity… NO… JUST CRUELTY! SHAME ON US!

    One last thing… Rabid dogs do attack. There are 2 forms of Rabies… in the most prevalent one, in the last stages before paralyses , Rabid dogs attack, infact they even attack themselves, stones etc! and with Rabies, even before the signs are present, they can transmit rabies simply by licking someone… That said… as usual, the stupid, ignorant parents allow their children to torment animals, and when the animals defend themselves they are brutally killed with false allegations, which is another selfish trait most of us Egyptians have – we audaciously have the right to do on to others what we want and expect those – we consider weaker – not to retaliate!

    • Lynn Noble

      Your right that’s the only thing your good at cruelty you excel at it

  • lyndon_rm

    In a country where people are regularly illegally detained and tortured by the police and security “services” and a human life is worth exactly LE 5,000, is it really surprising that people treat animals appallingly?

    • Lynn Noble

      No excuse

  • Mary O Neill

    Oh and by the way. All you people planning a holiday. Please do not even think about going to Egypt. A barbaric country. Get the message out there. Social media works. No Tourist’s.

  • Mary O Neill

    Brutally, inhuman, barbarick, and these people uneducated to say the least. All they know is killing defenceless animals. So you people watching out Karma is coming for you all. And your government is a disgrace. Get off your behinds and stop this murdering of innocent animals. Disgraceful.

  • Phoenix Zak

    We need to make a petition to bring them to justice

  • Rami Ebeid

    my profuse apologies for the video and for the mistreating animals in Egypt, but this is not the complete image, it is all about the education and culture; Beilieve me these uncivilized persons will help you if you are in trouble without expecting anything from you.

    • Judy Rodrigues

      Fuck these people they have no heart or soul!!!

      • Lynn Noble

        Too right

    • Christine Fathelbab

      I do not believe you at all, sorry. They will help to empty your pockets…I have experienced enough in Egypt. There are a few people with good, feelings hearts, but the crowd is hard and cruel. As you say, no education, and what culture?

      • Rami Ebeid

        Check lyndon_rm’s reply, and you will figure out.

      • Lynn Noble

        Well said

    • Lynn Noble

      Rubbish I have been robbed on the street 3 times

  • Laurel Stephens

    Sooo… Egypt is unfit and should be considered as uncivilized. Dirty, evil, desert dwellers… Humanity is judged on how it treats the animals. Egypt fails miserably.

    • Andres Nunes

      You racist cunt …lol

  • Donna Underwood Owens

    the only rabid animals are the two legged ones off with their heads or shoot them

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  • Arie Bier

    Another reason for people not to visit Egypt. Thank god for the internet so at least the whole world can see what’s going on in Egypt.

  • Mon Mon

    Stupid fools. I would also bite if they would treat me like how they treat dogs in Egypt. I was living there for 9 years and have seen enough in that time.


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