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From War to Rejection: The Perilous Journey of a Syrian Refugee

September 5, 2015

“If I had known what I would face in Hungary, I wouldn’t have left Syria,” one refugee told al-Jazeera’s Mohamed Jamjoom at a crowded train station in Budapest, where Hungarian authorities have prevented asylum seekers from boarding German bound trains -a standoff that is entering its second day. This follows Germany’s announced promise to grant Syrian refugees asylum upon arriving into their land. After a perilous journey to start a new life, for a refugee to favor suffering in Syria over humiliation in Hungary speaks volumes. The growing numbers of Syrian refugees who have put their lives -and the lives of their families- on the line in pursuit of the most basic of human rights -the right to live- have set their eyes on Germany as a destination where they hope to find sanctuary. In order to reach European borders, the plight of a Syrian refugee is one of unimaginable pain and in many cases, certain death. One can only try to fathom the dire circumstances which force refugees to decide on leaving their birthplace, their families and their homes. The journey for many begins with arriving into Turkey which…

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