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Lebanese Film Sparks Feud Between BDS Egypt, Zawya Cinema Citing Normalization With Israel

January 31, 2018

After about 40 years following the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel, normalization of relations between them has always been a barbed issue. Diplomatically, bilateral relations between Egypt and Israel have been thriving since 1979 and thereafter. However, Egyptian people and mostly Arab citizens are not on good terms with Israel, with multiple initiatives urging to cut diplomatic ties between Israel and Egypt. Located in Egypt’s Downtown, Zawya Cinema has always been a hub for alternative art. Unlike commercial movie theaters, Zawya screens films that are different and brings films from around the world that Egyptians have no chance of watching elsewhere in Egypt. Once Zawya announced that the Oscar-nominated for best foreign-language Lebanese film The Insult will start screening as of 31st of January, BDS movement released a statement urging Zawya to retreat from its decision to avoid being a supporter of normalization. The Insult film narrates the story of a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian Muslim refugee. They take to court to solve a feud and as the film progresses and the case heats in the court, both camps start to overlook their prejudices against each other. Additionally, it touches on the…

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