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Want to Manage Your Anxiety? Follow This Mindfulness Technique

June 28, 2018
Photo Credit: Deborah Kolb/ Getty Images

Worry and anxiety affect all of us, especially during times of worry and pressure. In fact, tens of millions of people suffer from anxiety. It is one of the most common mental health issues in the world. So if you experience it, know you are not alone. If you continually suffer from it, know too, that you are not alone. Anxiety makes people feel tense and worried. At times, for no particular reason at all. Some people may just worry over the fear of returning anxiety. It evokes emotions that make you feel agitated and distressed. It is felt in the mind, but is also felt in the body. Anxiety is caused by our biology and our genetic predisposition, as well as our views, coping mechanisms and stress. It’s often a response to future concerns, and the manifesting worry of the upcoming events of our lives. However, people don’t necessarily need to have awareness of an exact cause to experience it; the mind can become anxious even without an identifiable fear. Fortunately, mindfulness and meditation have been proven to be extremely effective in terms of managing anxiety. The first exercise…

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