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Cash for Recyclables: “Go Clean” Incentivizes Citizen Recycling in Egypt

March 8, 2019

“Go Clean” is a recycling solutions company aiming to reward citizens for their good and eco-friendly habits. It aims to increase awareness about the environment by involving the consumer with the recycling process through easy steps for which he or she is rewarded, not unlike Bekya. The company was founded two years ago, in 2017; it was recycling with factories, companies and cafes. However, GoClean started the household door to door initiative in February 2019. The founder of GoClean is Mohammed Hamdy, an alumni from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelors degree in philosophy. Hamdy realized that Egypt needed more consideration and practical steps regarding recycling. He decided to shed light on Egypt’s pollution issues by including the Egyptian consumer in the recycling process. This is done through easy four steps which are: firstly letting the consumer sort the recyclables by separating plastics, metals, and papers. Then second step involves contacting Go Clean by phone or by sending a WhatsApp message with the location, and for the third step being for Go Clean to pick up the consumer recyclables. The final stage is rewarding the consumer by exchanging…

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