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Three Public Incubators That Help Egyptian Entrepreneurs Kick-Start Their Businesses

July 21, 2019

Egypt has had a thriving entrepreneurship scene for almost 10 years that has now been receiving several governmental support from entities like who are working to aid incubators as well as rising and existing entrepreneurs on reaching their maximum potential by providing funding opportunities and mentorship. Entrepreneurship has been gaining attraction for a while now for several reasons. According to a research done on business incubators, “Entrepreneurship is an important factor in facilitating poverty reduction, creation of employment opportunities, and structural changes within its context. In essence, entrepreneurship is an important tool for improving living standards and the general well-being of the society,” author Mohamed Imam Salem writes. Last year during the opening of GEN Week, Minister of Investment and Cooperation Sahar Nasser highlighted how important it is for the government to support entrepreneurs who are paving the way for job opportunities. Most entrepreneurs help solve many of Egypt’s prevailing problems such as pollution and transportation, which takes a load off of the government. With governmental support and cooperation, both parties will collaborate to establish a better services for Egyptian citizens and residents. One way the government supports entrepreneurs is…

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