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Soul-Searching, Family Separations, And Other Human Stories of the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 16, 2020
People in white medical face mask. Credit: Premium Vector.

Paradoxically, while the pandemic is forcing isolation and physical distance, it is also cultivating the desire to connect and listen to more human voices and experiences. Phone calls have suddenly made a comeback, according to a New York Times report, and every corner of the world there are live streams to invite people to come together, reflect, and truly connect.

Egyptian Streets has been accumulating the moments – whether big or small – that were experienced by others. Below are a few human stories of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Family Time And Separations

“My husband is locked in Saudi Arabia. He works there, and couldn’t come for vacation. My elder son is here in Egypt and I’m scared that he wouldn’t be able to travel for his study in Canada next month. My kids are at home fighting all the time, and I sometimes want to held in the quarantine hospital to escape from all this craziness.” – Rania Megahed

“My eldest son is trapped in Saudi Arabia. He’s fine, but I wish we were together. My two youngest kids are being homeschooled and it’s fine but never the same. I feel we are sharing more time together. Also, we were without electricity for a couple of hours, and it was amazing! Without Wifi, no play station, no mobiles, and kids were running after me. I am so happy that we are forced to be together, and are finally talking to each other. I’m doing some work online, no gym. No hanging out with friends, but I’m dedicated to my online researches. Staying at home is a happy time at least for me.” – Mary Mar.

“My children’s father is in Egypt and we are in the UK. He was refused a visa to live with us. I am so worried that he is alone, someone must know how to get him a visa to UK, maybe not now but once this epidemic has subsided.” – Sharon Saad Ibrahim


“It is of Allah’s signs of His power over all things. It might be a good chance to get back a little bit to the original man; submitting our arrogance, ego, selfishness and the animal seeking after whims, so much so that we forgot about being human and imperfect. I believe that it is a good exercise in turning back to the Creator, paying more attention to “others”, showing more mercy and understanding, leaving differences aside. In short, we can bring what we have been missing out of the trials. May Allah forgives our wrongdoing and keeps us safe. Ameen.” – Ahmad Maher.

“We have time for soul-searching, work things out with our families, and appreciate the blessing of being alive.” – Reham Omar.

“Take the time to realize how we all harmed one another. A time to realize how our arrogance led us to wrongs. A time to realize how the mightiest weapons and the strongest power cannot stand against a microorganism. Take heed people, return to your humble self!” – Manal Mahdy Bakhoury.

“We took the opportunity to make the time of social distancing a positive [experience] and got two puppies” – Hayley Wilson Boak.

Stress and Worry

“I left Egypt, my home in Hurghada last Sunday. I came to Europe exactly to Munich and then further to Warsaw. I felt Europe was in war; that was my first feeling. The food markets with empty shelves and people looking at you in a suspicious way. The schools are closed and all public events and restaurants. Now I am stuck here and I don’t know when I can come back to my home, since the boarders are closed. This is a nightmare really. I hope we all stay safe in our homes and we will learn from them. We must take this seriously. All of us are in the same boat. It’s time to not being selfish. It’s time to be helpful.” – Karoline Koko

“Stress from knowing that almost no one is taking anything seriously here. I saw a boy take a drink from the metal community cup at the fountain in front of my building. Thousands are going to die. I hope myself and my family aren’t among them.” – Melissa Ban.

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