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Anti-Black Racism in the Arab World: Denial, Ignorance, or Both?

June 29, 2020

As social media is swamped with photos and videos of primarily Black people protesting the ongoing violence, police brutality, and killing of Black people, non-Black Arabs remain oblivious to anti-Black racism – whether on a global or local scale. “I am not anti-Black, but…”, “I don’t see colour, we’re all one”, “I prefer to stay away from politics/race talks.” These are a few of many statements that one can read or hear from non-Black Arabs when confronted with race-based talks – specifically ones that spark conversation on anti-Black racism or racial visibility. From black-face, the use of the N-word and other racial slurs, to mimicking Sudanese people in comedy shows, anti-Black racism in Arab communities is grave, and non-Black Arabs are complicit to the violence against Black people whenever we choose to remain silent. As countries that have dealt and continue to deal with injustices, it’s disappointing, yet not surprising to see non-Black Arab silence on the ongoing violence towards Black people. The normalization of racially motivated humour, mocking the cause, and the centralization of the Arab struggle and equating it to the violence Black Arabs/people face, are some of…

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