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A Brief Overview of Egypt’s Untapped Tourism Potential

September 30, 2020
Inside the Khnum Temple in Esna. Image source unknown.

When one thinks of Egypt, an image of the Great Pyramids of Giza immediately comes to mind. However, while the Great Pyramids of Giza are indeed spectacular and must absolutely be visited, there is so much more to Egypt than just the ‘pyramids’. Thanks to the rich history the ancient Egyptians left behind, people worldwide are in awe of this ancient civilization and would give anything to stand at the foot of the pyramids or wonder through temples that have stood the test of time.  What many potential tourists may be unaware of however, is the fact that the ancient Egyptian’s aren’t the only significant historical era in Egypt. In fact, Egypt has gone from its own rule, to Greek rule to Roman rule to Ottoman rule, until eventually it had come under the British occupation of the 19th century and then turned from a monarchy into a republic following the 1952 revolution.   These many different periods of time have all contributed to a culturally rich, and somewhat diverse, history whose remnants can still be both seen and felt. Other than the glorious remnants of history scattered across the…

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