5 of the Best Restaurants in Gouna

5 of the Best Restaurants in Gouna

Gouna is as famous for its eateries as it is for its variedly-hued blue lagoons and sea shores. Amazing food is simply part of the quintessential Gouna experience. As we celebrate the unofficial commencement of Gouna season, it is important to remember and honor all the delectable bites that will forever define and mark our stays in this Red Sea gem.

Malu’s Deli


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This charming little diner is a local favorite and a treasured little gem overlooking the scenic Gouna Marina. Malu’s Deli is possibly the town’s coziest spot, boasting an extensive menu, complete with antipasti, hearty breakfast and dinner specials, charcuterie and tartes flambées.

Located within walking distance from some of Gouna’s most popular beaches, Malu’s Deli is the perfect spot for an after swim snack or midday pick-me-up thanks to their great coffee selection, which hits all the right notes.


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Saigon brings the aromatic creations of Vietnamese cuisine to Gouna and does it with such flair! Featuring popular Asian and Asian-inspired favorites and consistently delicious pho, Saigon’s menu offers a pretty well-rounded dinging experience.

Located in Abu Tig Marina and complete with an outdoor seating area, Saigon will engage your visual senses as well as your taste buds thanks to its quaint, nautical views and legendary duck dishes.

Zia Amelia

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Bringing the most popular Mediterranean cuisine to the shores of the Red Sea is Zia Amelia, Gouna’s favorite Italian restaurant. This quaintly charming Italian diner offers an authentic culinary experience that is true to Italy’s culture and traditions when it comes to food.

Famous for their irresistible pizza, homemade pasta and gnocchi, this family-owned restaurant, located in Downtown Gouna, is the perfect place to enjoy an intimate dinner with loved ones.


Serving up Indian delicacies on the shores of the Red Sea is Tandoor, the area’s best and most popular Indian restaurant. Consistently delivering on its fragrant promises, Tandoor, part of the Ali Pasha Hotel, has maintained a level of excellence that keeps its loyal diners coming back for more.

Famous for its authentic tandoori chicken, rich curries, and exceptionally good dal, Tandoor’s diverse menu covers the dietary spectrum for most.

Le Garage

Burgers are one of those foods that are so loved universally that it is easy to forget why we all enjoy them in the first place. Le Garage is one place you can rediscover your all-too-human and almost innate love of burgers.

The gourmet burger joint is a Mecca for patty lovers and for good reason. Its extensive meat selection, infinite fixins and house creations—like their ramen buns, truly scratch that umami itch after a long day at the beach.


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