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In Photos: Egyptian Photographer Captures Cairo As It Braces Itself for Ramadan

In Photos: Egyptian Photographer Captures Cairo As It Braces Itself for Ramadan

Few jewels sparkle like Cairo on a Ramadan night. The capital comes alive during the holy month, its streets bustling with worshippers and Muslims who have come to mark the religious occasion in the city of a thousand minarets.

Even more charming is how Egyptians and Cairenes brace themselves for Ramadan. Documenting these gorgeous sights and scenes is Ziad Ahmed.

The Egyptian photojournalist took to the streets of Cairo to capture the city in all its glory, as Cairenes brace themselves for Ramadan. “These photos were taken at Shoubra Street, they are of a gift shop and they did the design and decoration,” Ahmed tells Egyptian Streets.

The photos capture the beauty and chaos of Cairo’s urban joy, but they also reflect Ahmed’s deep understanding of the city he has reported on for years. “It is about your eyes and experience and how long you have been in the field,” he says. “My art is about good photography. I am less important than the photo because it is something that always wins people [over].”

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