Here’s How to Give and Donate to Charity Projects This Ramadan

Here’s How to Give and Donate to Charity Projects This Ramadan

Courtesy of Egyptian Food Bank

Giving to charity or supporting a nonprofit organization is a way to express your connection with your community and the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more crucial to be socially conscious and support your community as many business and families struggle to make ends meet.

Here are a few causes to think about getting behind and donating to this Ramadan.

1. Ramadan Food Box

Neya, a social platform that helps you donate and volunteer for various causes through their mobile application, is distributing Ramadan food boxes to families in Sohag, Minya, Fayoum, Alexandria and Greater Cairo.

With the click of a button, you are able to help a family through three easy steps: download and open the Neya application, press the ‘donate’ button and select Ramadan food box, and then complete the relevant information to begin the process.

2. Give 2000 Egyptian Families Affordable Health Care

Shamseya organization is dedicated to finding innovative community healthcare solutions that prioritize a patient-centered healthcare system. “In a country where up to 73% of total healthcare costs are paid for directly from people’s pockets; Shamseya recognizes that patients not only need to be supported with their recovery but also empowered to understand how to navigate and improve their healthcare system,” it states on its website.

You can now help over 2000 families (by clicking here) have to access vital healthcare services and get the most from the healthcare coverage they are entitled to, and allow Shamseya to help these families “navigate” through the complex and highly bureaucratic healthcare system.

3. Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank is cooperating with several others charities to deliver Ramadan food boxes to the most unfortunate in all governorates of Egypt, which you can donate by clicking this link.

The bank also recently launched a campaign under the name “Supporting Day Labor, a Social Responsibility” in March to support vulnerable employees and workers who were negatively affected by the pandemic. The campaign aims to distribute 3,000,0000 food boxes to these workers. You can donate by clicking this link.

4. Educate 200 Girls Living in Poverty

Heya Masr is an organization that aims to support girls’ education in Egypt through various mentoring programs. The program will empower 200 at-risk girls in Egypt by giving them access to education, leadership, and life skills development, and equips 20 facilitators and 100 mothers to help girls stay in school and avoid child marriage. You can donate by clicking this link.

5. Supporting Kids with Physical Disabilities

Alhassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion is an organization that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. This project aims to support the inclusion of kids with physical disabilities through providing essential logistic support, such as customized wheelchair for kids, helping them participate in sport activities and art workshops, and facilitating support groups for them and their parents. You can donate by clicking this link.

6. NubiYouth’s Annual Ramadan Fundraiser

Nubiyouth is an organization that aims to empower and uplift the Nubian community in Egypt and the USA, and this year, the ‘Annual Ramadan Fundraiser’ is aiming to raise at least $6,000 to help families in need, as well as supporting Sudanese refugees by donating a part of the proceeds to provide them with Ramadan food necessities (CashApp: $NubiYouth, Venmo: @NubiYouth, Paypal: NubiYouth).

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