Egypt to Build Suspension Bridge Across Lake Nasser to Connect Sudan to Cairo-Cape Town Railway

Egypt to Build Suspension Bridge Across Lake Nasser to Connect Sudan to Cairo-Cape Town Railway

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Speaking to African investment officials during the first edition of the IPAs Africa Forum, which kicked off today in Sharm El Sheikh and runs until the 14th of June, Egyptian Minister of Transportation Kamel El Wazir stated that Egypt and Sudan are working to include Khartoum on the Cairo-Cape Town railway route.

Citing the Cairo-Cape Town railway being constructed by the Egyptian government, Wazir said that the country has undertaken serious infrastructure measures to “boost its connectivity” to the rest of the African continent, according to Arab News.

Wazir clarified that his agency is overseeing the construction of 360 Km railway lines within Egypt’s borders as well as a six Km route across Lake Nasser and through Wadi Halfa in Sudan, adding that another monorail line connecting Matrouh to Saloum is being built by the government.

Wazir said that a contract will soon be signed to build the longest suspension bridge over Lake Nasser to accommodate the railway line connecting Cairo to Khartoum, Egypt Independent reports.

Wazir also added that the Egyptian government is working with its Libyan counterparts to extend a railway line to the city of Benghazi.

These measures, as well as efforts to develop Egypt’s overall transport networks, including its sea and land ports, have not gone unnoticed. According to Wazir, Egypt’s Road Quality Index ranking has improved in the Ease of Doing Business report, which also highlighted the country’s willingness to share its road building knowhow with other African nations.

This comes in the context of boosting trade relations with other African countries, according to Wazir who said that he hopes the railway lines will facilitate the export of Egyptian goods to Sudan, Central Africa and the rest of the continent.

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