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The New Petopia App Could Be Egypt’s Tinder for Pets

July 11, 2021

In 2015, Petopia co-founder Yassin Abaza was in the final year of his Economics degree when he began to see an increasingly growing gap for a platform that could digitalize and integrate the pet community together.

We have Uber, we have Souq, we even have Tinder, but have you ever asked why your pets don’t have an app to facilitate their life? Sure, they may not be able to use it, unless they’re cartoon pets, but you still get to.

Abaza began to develop the idea to have a cross-platform application dedicated to serving pets’ needs and connecting the pet community together. He sought to integrate services, free-lancers, and various providers into one platform, ultimately establishing a one-stop-shop cross-platform application that is fully integrated to serve the community’s needs.

Yassin pitched the idea to his friend Youssef Mohyeldin and together they began transforming their ideas into the app.

“In 2019, on a trip to Brazil, Yassin and I pitched the idea to Marcos Kenickel, an old friend with a strong background in software development and a tech engineer with 15 years of experience. Throughout the next year, the three of us begun combining our different areas of expertise to further understand the needs of the market and the range of services that pet owners sought the most to include in the application,” Mohyeldin tells Egyptian Streets.

Petopia, the pet community app has arrived in Egypt. The app includes any service you may need for your pet, news, and articles, as well as events and awards for pets and their owners.

Screenshots from the Petopia app.

One of the options available is pet playdates, making Petopia the Tinder alternative for pets. The feature was created for people to find other people with pets and connect together, and is free to use. The feature started out as a mating option, but was changed.

“What we did change is the branding and the name of the service as we don’t want to promote mating, specifically as its not in line with our values, and what we are hoping to do for animals and raising awareness on the overpopulation issue as well as the overflow of uncared for animals that are suffering on the streets due to overbreeding,” Mohyeldin shares.

The app’s friendly design also offers options such as hotels and daycare, adoption, and vet guides. With the constant mistreatment of animals in Egypt, and the growing need for shelters, the app offers an easy and luxurious way to take care of beloved pets and their owners.


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“The coronavirus pandemic further affirmed the importance of digitized economies, especially for the pet industry. This enabled them to reconfigure Petopia to become an all-encompassing portal that would provide easy, seamless, and safe networking for pet owners from the comfort of their homes,” Mohyeldin adds.

Petopia aims to leverage and continue to build on the app’s offerings through learnings and the community’s feedback to better serve the animals and caregivers, as well as enabling Petopia’s App expansion on a global scale from Cairo, Egypt and followed by Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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