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Egypt Supporting Egyptian Injured in Ukraine

February 28, 2022

Conference call with Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration. Courtesy of Ministry of Emigration

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on its embassy in Ukraine to provide urgent support and care for the first Egyptian injured during the conflict, Mohamed Zayed, who is currently in a hospital in Ukraine’s eastern city of Kharkiv.

In a conference call with the Minister of Emigration Nabila Makram, the Egyptian community in Ukraine informed the minister that Zayed was injured during an airstrike.

In response to days of heightened tensions, Egypt has taken a number of steps over the last two days to support Egyptians in Ukraine, Ukrainians in Egypt, as well as address the repercussions of the crisis through diplomatic means.

On Sunday, Egypt called for an emergency meeting of the Arab League to discuss current developments in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also underscored the importance of dialogue and diplomatic solutions to settle the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

To further support Egyptians stranded in Ukraine, Ukrainian border guards have been ordered to allow Egyptians to leave the country through Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, Egypt’s Embassy in Kyiv announced on Sunday.

In a press conference, Ukrainian Chargé d’Affaires in Egypt, Ruslan Nechai, noted that the Ukrainian Embassy in Cairo has been coordinating with Poland and Romania to issue visas to Egyptian students, yet due to the timeliness of current events, Egyptian students can cross the borders of Poland or Romania without one.

In regards to Ukrainians living in Egypt, Nechai stated that there are currently more than 16,000 Ukrainian tourists in Egypt’s Red Sea resort cities who can choose to return home through the borders of Ukraine’s neighboring countries. He also expressed gratitude for Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for extending the accommodation of Ukrainian tourists free of charge in Egyptian hotels.

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