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Egypt Sends Plane to Evacuate Egyptians Fleeing Ukraine

March 1, 2022
Egypt Air Boeing 777-300 - YouTube
Photo Credit: Source, Youtube

In the wake of escalating violence in Ukraine, the Egyptian Ministry of Emmigration announced the imminent departure of an EgyptAir flight bound for Bucharest on 1 March, with the intent of bringing home students who have been stranded in neighboring Romania after fleeing Ukraine.

This decision follows larger directives made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which called for the safe return of Egyptian citizens struggling in the wake of unprecedented regional tensions.

Nader Saad, ambassador and spokesperson for the Egyptian Cabinet, announced that the flight was scheduled for the afternoon of 1 March. Saad has “carried out all necessary coordination” with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Egyptian Affairs Abroad, and Civil Aviation to ensure no miscommunication occurs during the mission. Affiliated embassies in the region were also contacted.

Ukraine crisis: Embassy in Romania asks Indians to not pay ...
Individuals fleeing Ukraine to Romania | Photo Credit: Digital Life

Egypt continues to be in close contact with its citizens in Ukraine and neighboring territories, and has called on its embassy in Ukraine to provide urgent support and care for any Egyptians injured during the conflict.

Approximately 6,000 Egyptian nationals resided in Ukraine prior to Russian annexation, and in light of recent developments, upwards of 1,000 have crossed the border into Romania and Poland.

Conversely, thousands of Ukrainian and Russian tourists remain in Egypt unable to return. Egypt’s Hotel Association “issued a directive to hotels across the country to extend the accommodation of any affected tourists in Egypt” until they are able to secure safe return.

This is a developing story.

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