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Guide to Spending an Egyptian-Spirited Ramadan Alone Abroad

March 23, 2022
Photo via Cairo West Magazine

Spending Ramadan away from home and from family and friends does not mean you should not enjoy it. Between the endless list of mosalsalat (TV shows) and the countless ‘ozoumat (invitations to iftar and sohoor gatherings), spending the holy month in Egypt is wholesome; a unique experience that we wait for from one year to the next. Since we know that most of our readers are Egyptians living abroad, and we understand that spending this special month away from the familiar can be challenging, we created a guide to help you bring the spirit of “Ramadan in Egypt” to you. Iftar potluck Ramadan is all about enjoying the spirit of togetherness. Inviting your friends over for an iftar potluck – where each person prepares or buys a sweet or savory dish – lets you enjoy the delicious food that takes you back to family iftars back home. Decoration In the runup to Ramadan, decorations adorn every street in Egypt, getting everyone excited to welcome the month of fasting. So why not make these decorations more special by bringing them home? Small or big, fanous Ramadan (Ramadan lantern) is an essential…

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