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Egypt-Russia Relations: Treading a Diplomatic Minefield

March 24, 2022
Image Credit: Kremlin.ru

In the global political stock market, there is no stock as low as Russia’s at this current moment. An unwarranted invasion on Ukraine since 24 February, a ruler deemed a kleptocrat by many, a plethora of sanctions by the West, most experts would agree that it would be imprudent for any country to invest in Russia at the moment. Nevertheless, Russia has been, and continues to be, a pillar of influence in the East, with strategic cooperation and joint project deals taking place in recent history – Egypt being one of the many countries to have benefited from a bolstered alliance with Putin over the past decade. With sanctions increasing and alliances decreasing, one might raise the question of should Egypt should reassess its ties with Russia amidst the sensitivity of the ongoing crisis. As with every aspect of diplomacy, the solution is not binary. In order to see how Egypt treads this diplomatic minefield, one must look into the historical context of Egypt and Russia’s relations. Finding context through history As jubilant crowds lined along Aswan’s Nile banks cheered on, Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev…

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