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52% of Target Groups Vaccinated Against COVID-19: Egypt Health Ministry

March 28, 2022
Image Credit: UNICEF/Mohamed Ragaa

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) has vaccinated 43.6 million out of 103 million citizens, according to a statement posted on the official MOHP Facebook page on Saturday, 26 March.

The statement breaks down the numbers as follows: 43.6 million have received their first dose, while 33 million have been fully vaccinated – meaning they have received their first, second, and third doses.

Acting Minister of Health Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar further highlighted that these numbers represent a 52 percent vaccination rate in targeted groups during an interview on Al Hekeya (The Story) on 26 March.

Abdel-Ghaffar also noted a steady decrease in hospital admissions due to coronavirus, as cases of the virus continue to dwindle since mid-February.

The recent vaccination campaigns led by the MOHP played a pivotal role in surpassing the 50 percent mark. On 14 March, it was announced that one million Egyptians were vaccinated in a single week due to their door-to-door campaign.

Data provided by Our World in Data

On a global scale, Egypt remains behind the majority of the West and a select number of neighboring counties in the MENA region.

Our World in Data, a globally renowned scientific publication focusing on world issues such as disease, poverty, and climate change, provides a dataset of the global rate for people vaccinated against COVID-19. The world percentage amounts to 64 percent, whereas Egypt amounts to 42 percent in total.

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