In Photos: The Majesty of Aswan’s Botanical Gardens

In Photos: The Majesty of Aswan’s Botanical Gardens

Photo Credit: John Wills

To many, Aswan is a desert landscape: restless winds and traveling dunes, Nile waters lapping at just-green, nearly-green banks, and men in jalabiyas teasing a fire. While not entirely misguided, Aswan is more than an open-air museum for the ancient and unmarked; it is a place of immense beauty and ecological diversity.

Nothing speaks more to the fact than Aswan’s Botanical Island.

As a natural reserve built on 17 acres of land, it houses some of the rarest, most perennial plants. With upwards of 380 species, the garden is home to everything from aromatic and medicinal trees, to the ornamental and tropical varieties, along with exotic fauna to match.

The finest way to experience its grandeur is in person; the second finest way is in photos.

Here is Aswan’s famous Botanical Island.

Photo Credit: Elias Rovielo
Photo Credit: Brian Blum
Photo Credit: Malcolm Bott
Photo Credit: Zeinab Mohamed
Photo Credit: Malcolm Bott
Photo Credit:Judith Knibbe
Photo Credit: Lizzie via Flickr
Photo Credit: Malcolm Bott
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Aswan Botanical Gardens | Aswan, Egypt Attractions - Lonely Planet
Photo Credit: Getty Images via The Lonely Planet
Aswan Botanical Garden receives 3500 visitors during Eid
Photo Credit: Sada El Balad
Photo Credit: Egyptian Government Source
Photo Credit: Egyptian Government Source

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