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Egypt Executes Two Men for Killing Woman in Maadi

August 12, 2022
Maryam Mohamed.

After 20 months since the court ruling, the death sentence was carried out on Thursday, August 11, for two men who were found guilty of the killing of a 24-year-old woman, Maryam Mohamed, in Cairo’s Maadi.

The death sentence was carried out after the rejection of the appeal submitted to the Court of Cassation, a source revealed to local media. 

In October 2020, Maryam Mohamed was killed while crossing the street after the two defendants in a traveling car attempted to steal her handbag, dragging her body along the road as they drove past. A firearm and another weapon were also found in the possession of the defendants when they were arrested.

A statement released by the Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed that a third man was charged with assisting the two defendants by providing them with his vehicle for the purposes of carrying out the crime.

The news comes two days after another case of femicide. Twenty-year-old Salma Bahgat was deliberately stabbed to death on Tuesday by suspect Islam Mohamed in front of a Zagazig courthouse. Meanwhile, earlier this year,  21-year-old Nayera Ashraf was attacked with a knife outside Mansoura University by Mohamed Adel, who is also a university student at the same institution.

Nehad Aboul Komsan, senior feminist lawyer, stated that the recurring cases of femicide are not regular or random incidents, and that there is a clear link between the cases. She called for the parliament to take serious steps against public figures and controversial sheikhs that justify the killings of these girls.

In other videos, she also called for the Public Prosecution to take action against preacher Mabrouk Attia for inciting violence against girls, after he said that girls need to be “fully covered” if they want to feel safe in the streets.

The National Council for Women (NCW) submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor denouncing Mabrouk Attia, and added that it will take legal action.

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